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The decor puts everything on the color orange

The decor puts everything on the color orange

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To bring some warmth into the decoration, the orange color is ideal. At the same time lively and evoking the autumnal season, it enlivens any decor. Discover in pictures 10 ideas to bring this fall color into your interior.

Coordinated oranges

To create a warm decor on a lighter backdrop like white or beige, do not hesitate to play with several orange shades. Here, a camaieu settles on the table and a luminaire answers this last.

Heat a chair

To give a new life to an armchair and warm the atmosphere of the living room, why not cover your furniture with a large orange plaid? Note that this color will adapt particularly well with dark armrests.

Candles on a wooden table

To accessorize the small table in a living room, also bet on color! You can for example have a few candles in a bright color that contrasts with the rest of the living room colors in beige and brown tones.

Orange walls

To define a dining area in an open room, you can bet on a bright color on the walls. Then paint two perpendicular walls in a warm orange.

A colored chair

To energize the dining room, a colored chair can make all the difference. First, choosing a color chair will give you a very trendy mismatched look at the moment, but the color will also brighten up all the furniture.

Colorful touches on a piece of furniture

Note that the furniture also takes on colors! In addition to the furniture that has a total colorful look, you will find furniture with colorful details. If this is not the case, know that you can customize the furniture by painting for example a shelf.

Orange accessories

In your room with neutral colors, put on the orange accessories to wake up the whole. Here, we play with cushions, throws, candles and wall decoration for a very warm decor.

Orange touches with the textile

Whether on a sofa or on a chair, consider playing with textile accessories to bring the orange color to your room. A few cushions in different materials will do the trick.

Orange and chocolate

Finally, be aware that for a warm decoration, the orange color goes particularly well with the dark tones of chocolate. You will then get a fairly masculine decor and an ethnic touch. More inspiration photos around the orange color here!