Design made in Taiwan

Design made in Taiwan

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Discovered at the corner of an alley at Maison & Objet, contemporary Taiwanese design is most creative. Multi-cultural influences and territorial constraints - an obvious lack of resources ... - have pushed local designers to be even more inventive. Overview in 10 creations…

Kanari Studio

Fresh Taiwan _ Studio Kanari Design Designed by Studio Kanari, Light Server tends to redefine lighting: this multi-function desk lamp has a removable lampshade. Lampshade which can be transformed into a studio lamp, while the lamp base can become a candle holder.


Fresh Taiwan _ Even Studio Even's designers care about the environment: they only use recycled wood, do not use mass production and make sure that a new tree is planted after each creation. . With "The Flavor of memory" (in French, the taste of memory), they use light wood whose color recalls that of cookies ... Here, it is a trivet but Even also offers a stool version.

Kozy for Living

Formosa Forms _ Kozy for Living Behind the Kozy for Living brand, Jie Yu Creative tends towards designs that create a friendly living space. Functional and multi-purpose, the Arrow coffee table is easy to move and we admire its clear and modern lines.

Cheng Tsung Feng

Fresh Taiwan _ Cheng-Tsung Feng Young Taiwanese designer, Cheng-Tsung Feng likes to draw inspiration from the traditional crafts of his country. With these mirrors, bamboo is worked.


Fresh Taiwan _ Y Studio Y-Studio presents "The Weight of words", a range of office supplies produced by Taiwanese companies. Beauty of raw simplicity.

Pega D&E

Formosa Forms _ Pega Design & Engineering By creating Pega D&E, Pegatron tends to push the limits of design: Envision, 3D clock, is a good example of this constant technological research.

Zishi (Studio Gunghu)

Fresh Taiwan _ Zishi With the Skater Tiger Collection, Studio Gunghu, based in Taipei, mixes porcelain and traditional form with a modern humor: thus this tiger seems particularly to practice skateboarding.

Woo Collective

Formosa Forms _ Woo Collective The Woo Collective logo is a Chinese character which is pronounced "Wou", which means "to adopt an elegant attitude in life". Thus Woo Collective works with tin, a traditional Taiwanese craft, in a new and poetic way.

Zan Design

Formosa Forms _ Zan Design Zan design mixes copper and enamel to reinvent the traditional table service.