Sliding doors are a work of art

Sliding doors are a work of art

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The trend for this school year is to decorate a work of art. Also, we forget the traditional sliding doors, these become very decorative in the manner of master paintings to energize and decorate your walls. Discover in pictures, 10 doors that decorate.

Textured sliding door

Castorama To fit into this interior where the material creates the decor, this sliding door takes on a textured material that resembles a painting of contemporary art. The decor is then very chic and easily finds its place in any interior.

A sliding door like a fabric

Lily Latifi To separate the spaces, this sliding door lets light through while filtering the gaze thanks to a textile fiber rendering. The door then acts like a trompe l'oeil to create an unexpected effect in the house.

An original sliding door

Castorama In this room, the walls are more than original because they display a "metro map" wallpaper. And for the sliding door to participate in this daring decor, the wallpaper is also installed! A real decorating tip.

A contemporary sliding door

Lapeyre On this sliding door, design gives heart to heart with very pure abstract designs that will settle in any contemporary interior. The white gives a luminous aspect which we particularly appreciate.

A natural sliding door

Lapeyre In this fairly Zen-style interior, we chose to integrate sliding doors that take part directly in the decor with a very natural pattern. The bedroom then settles behind a bouquet of autumn flowers.

A colorful sliding door

Lapeyre To bring color into your interior, think of the sliding doors that can accommodate colorful patterns. Here, we chose XXL flowers in warm colors like red or orange to wake up the whole room.

A poetic sliding door

Lily Latifi To bring a romantic and bucolic touch to the room, this sliding door is adorned with gold glitter. We particularly appreciate this door in a princess room or to close a dressing room.

An invisible door

FR66 Finally, so that your door fits perfectly into your decorative wall, it can also become invisible like the famous White Square on a white background by Malevitch. Like a secret passage, the door opens and closes discreetly.