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Metal bed for decorative children's room

Metal bed for decorative children's room

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In the child's bedroom, the traditional metal bed is making a comeback. And it offers us many decorative possibilities with metal beds that are just as suitable in a romantic girl's room as in a more industrial boy's room. Demonstration.

A scaffold-style bed

Serendipity For a character decoration, this bed is directly inspired by scaffolding and gives an industrial look to the room. It goes perfectly with a beautiful metal wardrobe to accentuate this spirit.

A bed for three

Purpose Metal makes it possible to create very original beds so head towards this material for a bed that is both solid and with trendy decor possibilities. The metal allows for example this extraordinary bed which can accommodate three children in a stacked way.

A romantic bed

Goal For dreamy girls, we put on a bed with romantic accents by choosing a canopy. We prefer white metal to soften it and hang very light curtains to create a cocoon.

A bucolic bed

Vertbaudet The metal bed also fits into a bucolic interior. The flowers and other motifs in the bedroom then respond to the scrolls and curves of the bed. On the color side, we play with a soft gray which brings a note of sweetness to the whole.

A retro bed

Maisons du monde Metal is also the retro style with old school lockers, wooden toys and a slightly industrial atmosphere. For a retro atmosphere, the metal bed is adorned with a bright red to awaken a slightly gray atmosphere.

A flowery bed

La Redoute Metal also makes it possible to create original patterns. Thus, this bed is dressed in pretty flowers to give a feminine atmosphere to this little girl's room. To accentuate this effect, we combine pink with a white bed.

A princess bed

La Redoute For aspiring princesses, note that metal children's beds can also be adorned with pink! We choose a romantic model and add a canopy to clearly define the space where sweet dreams come true.

An urban bed

La Redoute For little boys, we choose a gray bed that installs in a slightly urban style. The metal of the bed will then respond to the rest of the furniture which we prefer in metal also by bringing in a last color.

A charming bed

La Redoute To play the family home spirit and bring a touch of charm to the bedroom, we opt for a large bed that keeps its bars with pretty hearts to tie them together.