Hemsmak: the new Ikea collection that loves jars

Hemsmak: the new Ikea collection that loves jars

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In August, Ikea spoils the jars of jars with a new limited edition collection: Hemsmak. "We are growing more and more at home: window gardening, making homemade jam, preserving food ... Hemsmak is our collection to celebrate all creativity in ease and fun.", Explains Sigga Heimis, designer art from the Ikea table. A collection that pushes home-made and creativity…

Pretty jars for homemade jams

Ikea To enhance your homemade jams nicely, Ikea goes four ways: steel funnel so as not to put them everywhere (€ 7.99), elegant jars (from € 2.50 for 2 pieces) and even labels (from € 1.50) and string (€ 4.99 for 3 spools of thread). For a chic AND gourmet breakfast.

Jars to preserve

Ikea Ikea keeps the sober design of the storage jars by adding this little extra trick that will make your cupboards happy: we love the painted glass of these jars (€ 1.99 each)!

Smoothies and detox water

Ikea Ikea understood that you were addicted to Detox water and smoothies: with pretty bottles (from 1.99 € each), it will be even better, right?

A small cup of tea ?

Ikea This 3 in 1 box (€ 2.50) will come in handy for compartmentalizing your different teas and herbal teas. With pretty retro labels (€ 1.99), everything will be perfectly organized!

Cake boxes

Ikea To keep your cookies prepared with love, what could be better than metal boxes (€ 6.99 for 3 pieces)? With a practical little handle and pretty labels (€ 1.99), we love it!

Sweet table

Ikea Ikea invites itself to your birthday party! Large jars (€ 12.99) to store the candy, smaller jars (€ 7.99) for pop cakes, small plastic bags (€ 1.50) for takeout treats…

Small bottles for small cocktails

Ikea With these small bottles (€ 1.99) for cocktails, it looks like Pinterest! The extra thing: the small label (€ 1.99) to mark a word of love or the fragrance of the drink offered.

Emergency cookies!

Ikea Here is the dream gift for food lovers: an emergency kit for emergency cookies! In a jar (2.50 € each), pour the different dry ingredients in a layer. Add the eggs in a small plastic bag (€ 1.50), a sweet note thanks to the gift tag set (€ 2.50) and you're ready to go!

Homemade spread

Ikea Another gourmet gift, strong in chocolate, this one: the homemade spread! Make your preparation with love, pour it into pretty jars (€ 2.50 for 2 pieces), decorate with a pretty string (€ 4.99 for 3 spools) and a cupcake, offer.


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