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10 decorative chicken coops for the garden

10 decorative chicken coops for the garden

While urban agriculture is in full expansion, you want to try the adventure and create your own breeding by adopting some hens? What a great idea! And to help you find inspiration, the editorial team has put together a selection of decorative chicken coops, which you can easily install in your garden.

A chicken coop similar to a small castle

Content at Home / Linden Hill If you have a large garden, you can see the big picture and play the chicken coop card comparable to a small castle, like this life-size achievement. What leave a beautiful living space for your little hens! Source: Linden Hill

A shabby chic chicken coop

Deco Inspirations Notice to lovers of shabby style, let yourself be charmed by this chicken coop similar to a small English house. Source: Deco Inspirations

A duplex chicken coop with small vegetable patch

Williams Sonoma Who says happy hens says better eggs, right? Based on this observation, we bet that with such a luxurious chicken coop, the production of your hens will be excellent! As a bonus? A small vegetable patch to grow your aromatic herbs. Source: Williams Sonoma

A chicken coop with futuristic curves

Nogg Between rounded shape and clean lines, here is a chicken coop that does not look like traditional chicken coops! Very compact and functional, it will ideally adapt to small terraces or green spaces, mini format. Source: Nogg

A colorful chicken coop

Clark Farm Business And to give a touch of pep to your garden decor, we fell for this ultra functional chicken coop, similar to a small house (in the meadow ...) and dressed in a bright turquoise color! Source: Clark Farm Business

A mobile chicken coop in kit

Farmili Specially designed for urban habitats, this French-designed chicken coop was created in partnership with a design agency. Thanks to optimal dimensions, it can accommodate 2 or 3 hens, or a few rabbits, it's up to you. Source: Farmili

A hobbit house chicken coop

Decorative Inspirations Fan of JRR Tolkien's books, "The Lord of the Rings", here are three henhouses that may well seduce you ... Designed like the houses of hobbits (these semi-men, heroes of the saga), these henhouses will offer a touch of charm to your garden. Source: Deco Inspirations

A story chicken coop

Kippen House And for each of your hens to feel comfortable, opt for a multi-story chicken coop, like this one. Thus, they will have their own living space and will really feel at home. Source: Kippen House

A chicken coop on a human scale

Country Living Finally, if the size of your garden allows, bet on a chicken coop on a human scale, like this model, comparable to a real small house. We're in love, aren't you? Source: Country Living