Children's bed skies

Children's bed skies

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The bed skies have the chic of dressing children's sleeping area with charm and softness while giving the most voluminous piece of furniture a majestic air. Here is a panoply of models and staging to get inspired.

A natural style canopy

Ikéa ### Nice bed canopy in the shape of an oversized tree leaf, perfect for little nature lovers!

A mosquito net version canopy

Goal ### Suspended from the ceiling, this princess bed canopy, made up of a mini marquee and a long mosquito net, accentuates the lightness and softness of the bedroom. Everything to please young ladies.

A starry bed canopy

Ikéa ### And the "bed sky" becomes "starry sky". It is at least the concept of this extraordinary model which covers the bed of a mini blue tent dotted with white dots, inside which, the little ones have the impression of sleeping under the stars…

A canopy from head to toe

Antik Batik ### Attach a long, wide fabric around a hoop that you hang from the ceiling. Then drop it on your child's bed so as to wrap it from head to toe to maximize the canopy effect. We love !

An explorer's bed canopy

Maisons du Monde ### Welcome to the room of a little budding adventurer! Here, the canopy made up of four curtains hanging from the wooden canopy bed and held in place by straps plays like an "explorer's tent".

A romantic bed canopy

Maisons du Monde ### Between immaculate whiteness and gray wooden base, this bed canopy is sure to enchant the bedroom of little princesses.

A canopy bed canopy

Goal ### It is not for nothing that the four-poster beds were the models of choice for the court. We simply hang on its upper bars, two sheers that we drop on both sides of the bed before knotting them gently.

A pretty and discreet bed canopy

Goal ### Two curtains falling on either side of the bed while remaining glued to the wall create a "princess" atmosphere in the bedroom without it being necessary to play the total look.


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