Yellow invites itself into the kitchen

Yellow invites itself into the kitchen

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The editorial staff has selected 10 atmospheres where yellow enters the kitchen. From the simplest to the most daring, including accessories, furniture or paint, here are all our tips for incorporating yellow into your kitchen.

Yellow hanging

Ikéa We continue slowly but surely by integrating yellow in a more original way than in painting. This time it is Ikéa who offers us colored suspensions to integrate into all rooms.

Yellow on the wall

Maisons du Monde We accelerate the pace by displaying our taste for the color yellow directly on the walls with the word - * Smile * - proposed by Maisons du Monde, which recalls the yellow and smiling smiley faces of emoticons. Good humor in the kitchen is there.

Yellow in decoration

Ikea Accessories are also on trend with chairs, plates, curtains, rugs ... which allow you to add color to a dark kitchen without having to redo everything.

Yellow on a wall

Conforama Here again we wake up a kitchen deemed too dull, because of contemporary anthracite gray furniture, with a touch of paint. For a few euros we give a big boost to the whole. Be careful to respect the proportions and do not paint all the walls to avoid overdose.

Yellow on the furniture

Schmidt Associated with a wooden worktop and a beautiful light due to the picture window, we do not hesitate to choose a kitchen with warm tones, like this saffron yellow, which will brighten up large spaces.

Yellow on all walls

Patrice Binet As the expression says: all tastes are in nature. Here the yellow in * all-over * remains breathable due to the size of the walls. The one above the sink is almost nonexistent for example given the size of the window. The yellow then highlights the contours, delimits the spaces and welcomes the light.

Yellow in furniture

Ixina With a kitchen that is too simple, too white or too clinical, beautiful yellow signs awaken the atmosphere of the room. Again, you have to be able to judge the quantity so as not to create a kitchen that looks like a circus of colors.

Yellow associated with a second color

Yuka With white, gray, wood but also with other more original colors such as blue, green or orange, yellow goes very well. Remember to choose your two colors well to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Full yellow

Veneta A simple, precise and assumed choice: an entirely yellow cuisine. Open to the rest of the apartment it brings the touch of good humor necessary for the entire space.


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