The industrial version dining room

The industrial version dining room

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Contemporary and modern, industrial decor charms our interiors. By touches or in total look, we saw him seize the kitchen and the living room. It's the dining room's turn to play the industrial game. Zoom on 10 compositions in images.

More colors

Construction Martin Flibotte The industrial dining room is not necessarily made up of metallic colors. You can also paint your industrial objects with flashy colors. Then distribute the color in small touches throughout the rest of the dining room.

New York, New York

Cuisine factory If you want to push the industrial style to the end, you can play on lighting (neon lights, filament bulbs) or even on a "brick" decoration, inspired by New York interiors.

Cherry on the cake

Studio Odnushka If your interior has sober colors, you can also opt for a little colorful touch. This will revive the dining room and make it look less cold.

Not too much need

Meero The sleek industrial dining room does not contain too many objects. Industrial style objects are introduced in small touches. Just what you need to avoid giving an overly overloaded rendering.

Indus' and bright

Vigo & Mauricio Fuertes Stop misconceptions! The industrial decor is nothing dark, the proof with this very pretty dining room, which multiplies the light sources. Do not hesitate to add many lamps to light the room.

Artist studio style

Marie Dumora With beautiful and large bright picture windows, like here, in this loft, the dining room is almost transformed into an artist's studio.

Friendly atmosphere

Made in design In an old factory style dining room, let your imagination run wild! Colorful carpet and Scandinavian design chair will be enough to give style to your dining room.

When vintage chic joins forces with industry

Maisons du Monde The industrial style does not prevent a cozy and warm decor. To do this, bet on mismatched pieces like this vintage brown 3-seater sofa in a very British design. Aged leather brings a chic side to the industrial atmosphere.

The factory spirit

La Redoute To create the factory spirit in your dining room, you can also opt for typical furniture such as this solid wood table with steel legs. Warm and industrial atmosphere guaranteed!