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Salads: our selection of cookbooks

Salads: our selection of cookbooks

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Fresh, light, gourmet ... salads are back in the spotlight as soon as the nose of summer dawns. To help you vary the recipes, here are 10 books to get as quickly as possible!


Hachette Cuisine Crossing the Channel, head to the United Kingdom to discover chef Jamie Oliver's salad recipes, a veritable phenomenon in the world of cooking. This popular TV personality offers 40 easy-to-make local and international recipes. Jamie Oliver & Co, Hachette Cuisine, € 9.90

Only salads

Solar Simple starter or complete dish, discover 150 salad ideas for all your desires. Thanks to practical pictograms (express, seasonal, on the go, takeout, etc.), choosing the recipe is easier. Solar, 15.90 euros

Salads for 1, for 2, for 4

Mango To stop spoiling, prepare your salads according to the number of people who will taste it. 1, 2 or 4, thanks to this book, you are sure not to be mistaken about the quantities. Mango, 6.95 euros

Pasta salads

Marabout Are you tired of batavia, lamb's lettuce and arugula salads? Replace them with pasta! Each of the recipes will find something to satisfy your taste buds. Laura Zavan, Marabout, 13 euros

Bistro salads

Les Mini Larousse Fancy cheerful and colorful plates? You will enjoy preparing these 25 gourmet and summer bistro-style salad recipes. Mini Larousse 3.50 euros

Exotic salads

Atlas Editions Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Moroccan, Lebanese, Indian salads… stock up on exotic dishes in the kitchen with these 70 recipes. Isabelle Bunisset and Michel Rolland, Atlas Editions, € 9.99


Hachette Cuisine From goat salad to coleslaw to more traditional recipes such as the Caesar salad, discover 76 ideas for whole salads, salty and sweet, vegetarian or not. Isabelle Guerre and Alice Princet, Hachette Cuisine, € 9.95

Express salads in 140 recipes

First Editions Don't have a lot of time in front of you? That's good, Héloïse Martel imagined 140 salad recipes to compose in just a few minutes! Héloïse Martel, First Editions, 2.99 euros

My little magic salads

Leduc.s Editions By combining the benefits of fruits and / or vegetables with the medicinal properties of plants, herbs, roots and other spices, it is a beautiful magical and imaginative salad that sees the light of day on your plate. Cathy Selena, Leduc.s Editions, 6 euros