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The library takes over the living room

The library takes over the living room

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Coffee table, shelves and magazine rack full? We have the solution to store all your books without overflowing: the library. Today, it no longer needs to have a room entirely dedicated to it and the living room is then the perfect place to install it. Traditional, unstructured, composable, there are some for all interiors. It's up to you to make your choice!


La Redoute No more traditional libraries, today, we are putting on unstructured storage to modernize the living room. We suggest this model that combines rows of different sizes and promises you a most unique look.

In corner

3 Suisses If you want to install a bookcase in a small living room, and you do not want it to suffocate the space, bet on a corner model of the same color as the wall so that it blends in completely with the decor . Guaranteed decorative effect!

In front of a picture window

Maisons du Monde No need to fix it to the wall, the library can also stand in the middle of the room to separate two spaces for example. Placed in front of a bay window, it then creates a small cocoon of privacy.

Industrial style

Maisons du Monde We like the industrial style in the living room and we affirm it with two large bookcases combining wood and metal. To accompany them, we opt of course for leather sofas and accessories that seem straight out of a factory.

Cubes overlay

Muuto Favorite for this library from Muuto which plays on a multitude of cubes stacked on top of each other. Its little extra: different sizes which gives it a more successful unstructured appearance.

All over the wall

Ikea Do you have a bunch of books piling up all over the house? It's time to put everything away in a large library installed in the living room. If you are lucky enough to have a large stay, do not hesitate to cover a whole section of wall, the library becomes very decorative with a few frames and vases.

The essential Billy d'Ikéa

Ikea She is over 30 years old and yet the Billy shelf from Ikea is more than ever in trend, don't you think? We adopt it on a whole section of wall, preferably white on white to assert a refined style while refinement.

With a ladder

Maisons du Monde Like wooden libraries or large English schools, this wooden library is fitted with a ladder. In addition to being decorative, it is very practical for catching books that are too high!

A traditional style

Maisons du Monde Far from being has been, the traditional library invites itself into a cozy and romantic style lounge. To make it a real decorative element, you slip in plaster bust and ceramic pot in the middle of all the books.