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10 do-it-yourself bookends

10 do-it-yourself bookends

Your library or shelf is sorely lacking an original bookend? Why not make one yourself! To help you find inspiration, here are 10 DIY bookends found on Pinterest.

A concrete block to keep the books

The Beat That My Heart Skipped In a hard plastic mold, place a wooden letter "B" then pour your concrete. Let it dry, and admire the result ... We love it! Source: The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Golden meteorites

Refinery29 Do you have large stones lying around in a corner of the garden? Perfect ! Bomb them golden and make a bookend like no other. Source: Refinery29

An invisible bookend

A Beautiful Mess Attach two books to two metal bookends, and this is an invisible model that deserves your full attention. Source: A Beautiful Mess

A retro helmet cut in half

Little Yellow Couch Want to spice up your shelf? Attach a retro helmet cut in half to a metal bookend. Source: Apartment Therapy

An old handset

A Beautiful Mess Sympa this bookend made with old phones! To make the same at home, attach two handsets to metal strips previously painted in the color of your choice. That's all ! Source: A Beautiful Mess

Gourmet apples as bookends

Say Yes To make this bookend, stick two easy-to-find plastic apples to two large wooden blocks in toy stores. Finally, spray it all into a pretty bright red. Source: Say Yes

A concrete mountain

Curbly Follow the tutorial to the letter to make the geometric mold and then pour your concrete. Here is a graphic bookend that will seduce more than one! Source: Curbly

A funny elephant

Ellybeth After cutting a plastic elephant figure in half, bomb it in the color of your choice and then glue each of the parts on a piece of plexiglass. Your bookend is ready! Source: Ellybeth

A golden brick

Camille Styles Bomb two bricks in a pretty gold color and add a lace ribbon for the final touch. All you have to do is set up your new bookend! Source: Camille Styles