10 Italian manufacturers of fitted kitchens

10 Italian manufacturers of fitted kitchens

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Italian cuisine is a fantasy of many owners! But, to make your custom fitted kitchen, you might as well surround yourself with the best kitchen designers! To do this, here is our selection of ten Italian houses to create the kitchen of your dreams!

Boffi, avant-garde cuisine

Boffi The Boffi brand offers fitted kitchens, made to measure by sizes of Italian design. Very sober and refined, these designs are very contemporary and make you forget the handles, household appliances or any other element that could be unsightly. Ideal in a modern and luxurious interior!

Venetian kitchen with a living room feel

Vaneta Cucine Veneta Cucine is THE Italian cook where elegance is the watchword! Combining artisanal know-how, new technologies and innovation, the brand offers models of very varied styles. It also has the particularity of being ecological since all the materials used are fully recyclable and the varnishes without solvent.

An ideal kitchen for small areas made by Snaïdero

Snaïdero For over 60 years, the Snaïdero brand has surrounded itself with the best Italian designers to design a piece that suits your desires and your budget, but above all your needs. Sixteen models are available, and each of them offers multiple layout possibilities!

The kitchen 100% made in Italy and 100% wooden!

Effeti Its flagship model: "Wood 100%". This kitchen is entirely made of chestnut wood. But beware ! It is a limited edition, each copy of which is numbered. Besides wood, you will find models in marble or metal. The Tuscan house Effeti has three points of sale in France.

Italian cuisine with Comprex sauce

Comprex The space offered by Comprex consists of several facades to be arranged according to your room. Affordable and stylish, the Italian brand Comprex has 80 points of sale in France. Count 20,000 euros (among the fifteen models available) excluding installation and household appliances.

An open kitchen… Italian style!

Cesar Arredamenti The kitchen designer Cesar Arredamenti reinvents traditional Italian cuisine by offering models of American inspiration. The latter can be adjusted to suit your needs, like the “Elle” kitchen built in heat-treated oak.

The Italian class, by Scavolini

Scavolini This kitchen model, called “Flux” and produced by Giugiaro Design, is the result of functional arrangements with rectilinear and curved shapes. It is now available in a version without handle or front panel on the doors (called “Flat Line”).

The rustic version of Valcucine cuisine

Valcucine If you prefer the authentic Italian style, the fitted kitchen signed Valcucine is for you! The "Noce Tattile" model, made of walnut wood, brings warmth and authenticity to the room.

A family and vintage space signed Marchicucine

Marchicucine Between retro objects, rustic style and authenticity, the mateurs of the kitchens of yesteryear will be delighted! This "Nolita" model, designed by the house of Marchicucine, has the gift of being original, mixing materials (wood, brick, metal, slate) while subtly including state-of-the-art devices.


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