Fuchsia rose: 10 ideas to adopt it at home

Fuchsia rose: 10 ideas to adopt it at home

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1. A nice fuchsia pouf in large mesh for the bedroom


The cocooning decor with soft colors in the bedroom, we love it, but we often get tired of it. The secret ? Boost the decoration with a touch of fuchsia pink on a pretty large mesh beanbag. It is beautiful, it is practical, it moves at will and it wakes up any decor with pep and good humor!

2. A fuchsia plaid to bring color without doing too much


On a white sofa, a black armchair, a navy blue duvet or light gray bed linen, a touch of fuchsia pink color gently awakens the decor. And what could be simpler than a beautiful soft blanket to bring the touch of pink in question? With a discreet reminder in the patterns or prints of neighboring decorative objects, the result is stunning.

3. A fuchsia pouffe to energize a child's room


In a child's bedroom, fuchsia pink is both playful and dynamic. Perfect for bringing to life a Zen decoration in white and cream, with the added bonus of the pouffe comforter ... The secret? We opt for the bean form and for a giant pink beanbag with which children can play as they grow up. In the meantime, it will be perfect for reading a story.

4. A step repainted in fuchsia pink for a nice entry


The entrance lacks pep? We place a wooden step repainted in a flashy fuchsia pink. A simple and inexpensive DIY that is enough to wake up a corridor, allows children to sit down to put on their sneakers or transforms into shoe racks… and can even drag themselves from one room to another according to the decorative desires !

5. A double fuchsia wall painted in a punchy playroom


If an entire room painted in fuchsia pink is often too much, one or two pink walls make their small effect! Invigorating and joyful, the color is perfect in a playroom or a children's area ... especially if it is tempered by a decoration made of white and light wood, fluff and clouds to soften everything.

6. A fuchsia pink carpet in an office


Do you want an office that is both inspiring and stimulating? We mix the atmospheres. With some toned fuchsia pink on the ground and a soothing soft blue on the wall, you combine creativity and zen for a productive work session. A marriage of colors at the top in the office, which easily adapts to a guest bedroom atmosphere thanks to a sofa bed.

7. A pretty fuchsia pink suede armchair


What if we dared strong piece in fuchsia pink ? In a soft atmosphere as in a multicolored theme, a beautiful deep armchair in pink suede invites you to relax ... and awakens the decoration! The right idea? A clear cushion to soften everything, especially when you multiply the colors in the room.

8. A shades of fuchsia pink cushions for the outdoors


To give a fresh touch to a terrace, revamp an old bench or dress up the garden furniture, you can easily bet on the fuchsia pink color. The color refreshes, energizes and modernizes, enough to make you want to extend the aperitifs in summer ... The secret? We mix colors, solids and prints for an original and friendly decor.

9. A nice bouquet of fuchsia hydrangeas to dry


Okay, we are cheating a bit since the color of the flowers will lose its intensity as it dries. But nothing prevents us from enjoying the beautiful hydrangea fuchsia color in a vase, while a second bouquet wisely dries in the garage, upside down, ready to decorate the house even after the end of flowering.

10. Fuchsia pink terry towels in the bathroom


A bathroom too mundane, a decor too white or a rental that does not allow the work? We have a nice set of terry towels cheerful fuchsia color to revamp the whole without big changes. A small detail that transforms the decor, to complete with a set of colorful bathroom accessories for more fun!


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