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10 ideas for a little boy's room

10 ideas for a little boy's room

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How to build a cozy nest for a little guy just as tall as three apples? With funny animals, patterns that stimulate the imagination and a few little guy accessories to make like dad! Our selection of 10 accessories for a baby boy bedroom.

A sleeping bag with suspenders

Little Crevette Can you be a gentleman in a sleeping bag? But yes, my dear, but on condition that the model is fitted with suspenders or a tie!

A soft toy not gnangnan

Tiny Paw Because it's not just pastel colors in the life of a little one, this black and white comforter has it all: not only does it stimulate baby, who has loved contrasts since he was born, but in addition it is super design… We love it!

A paper comforter bag

Tellkiddo To put away all the cuddly toys, we have fun with this beautiful paper bag with the motif of a smiling bear, so beautiful that it could easily go for a walk in the living room….

A mustache mobile

Jäll & Tofta When Mister baby looks at his mustache and bowler hat mobile, he has fun in front of these colorful shapes that capture his attention ... And that's for sure, mom and dad are happy to have a boy!

Decorative boats on the wall

Cyrillus Mum, do the little boats that go on the water have legs? Not these, but they are incredibly elegant on the gray wall of your bedroom my darling!

Funny cushions

Ferm Living A cat with a hat, a dog piloting an airplane and a bear with a bow tie? The three, my captain! With these cushions as beautiful as funny, Mister baby's room will be the most beautiful in the house!

A night light cat (with bow tie)

Verbaudet Oh, it's already night… Mister baby can fall asleep peacefully, this cat will watch over him until dawn!

A very soft carpet

Cyrillus From three months old, Mister baby will love playing on this beautiful, very soft carpet, which tickles under the feet and makes you want to practice roll-ball…

A rocket to dream

Draw me an invitation Little astronaut will grow up ... But before he has all the time to dream of conquering space with patterns of rockets, stars and flying saucers. A great gift idea at a low price, which will stay in your baby's room for a long time…