10 bars to install in your kitchen for breakfast in style

10 bars to install in your kitchen for breakfast in style

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Who has never dreamed of a corner that is both decorative and friendly for breakfast? Whether you are a fan of a good morning or a coffee on the go, you always appreciate a cozy setting when you wake up. gives you 10 ideas for bars to install in your kitchen for breakfast in style. Bistro atmosphere or relaxing on the terrace, you will have a hard time going to work!

The vintage bistro-style high table

Alinea In the same spirit and if you have room in your kitchen, for lack of a bar in good and due form, opt for a high table. The effect will be the same and you can have breakfast alone with your partner (if you are only in the morning, it goes without saying!). To brighten up this sacred meal at the start of the day, dare the vintage bistro-style bar table, with patina colors and pretty wooden stools.

The central island bar

Ikea If your kitchen is small and you need to save space, consider giving your central island a second function. Extend the worktop to make it a mini bar area. What integrate a space for breakfast on the go, without unnecessarily cluttering your kitchen and while maintaining the harmony of your decor.

The canteen-style high table

La Redoute Interiors Are you the type who likes to go out to eat in the neighborhood bistro or stop off at a coffee shop? Recreate this stylish atmosphere in your kitchen! In the absence of a very bulky bar counter, go instead on a high canteen-style table. An option that will blend wonderfully into the industrial or retro decor of your kitchen.

The double-sided worktop

Lime Lace Very practical for modulating spaces in an open kitchen, the worktop is the ideal option for bringing a bar area to life. Installed on the corridor side, it will give the whole family the desire to lean on while you cook or the possibility of breakfast side by side. One way to make your life more pleasant on difficult mornings!

The marble bar As we have seen, the bar in the extension of the central island is a great idea to save space in the kitchen. With its high stools, it gives a friendly look to this living space. When it comes to coating, you still have to choose a noble material like marble, ultra stylish and trendy. Your kitchen will have nothing to envy to your favorite coffee!

The old-fashioned counter bar

Maisons du Monde If you are fond of china and flea market, this is an option that you may like! Why not turn an old counter into a central island bar? An original idea that you will not find at the neighbor's house and which will give your kitchen an incredible charm. The breakfasts will take on a flavor of yesteryear with the delicious taste of come back!

The compact wooden bar

Kare Design Do you dream of a bar area in your kitchen that reminds you of your beach vacation? Opt for a compact wooden bar, which can be used for family breakfasts as well as for aperitifs with friends in the evening! A wooden module, very simple stools, a decor that smells of the sun and voila!

The industrial high table

La Redoute If you live in a small space and the different living rooms are not really demarcated, then do not hesitate to install a bar area directly between the living room and the open kitchen. The high table or high table option is perfect to give a relaxed side to your interior, especially if you play the deco card type industrial workshop.

The window sill bar

Lime Lace Do you love having breakfast outdoors? We understand you! It's so nice to have coffee in the morning with the birds singing for the only background and the sun caressing our skin. To avoid having to systematically take what is necessary on your terrace, optimize the outdoor space adjoining your kitchen by transforming the window sill into a unique and downright stylish bar!