Headboards: comfort above all!

Headboards: comfort above all!

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Because we put our head there every night, it is better to have a headboard that allows us to read, watch TV or fall asleep comfortably ... Discover our selection of very comfortable headboards.

With backsplashes

Castorama ### As soft as possible, the cushions on this headboard with backsplashes gently taunt us. A real call to relax!


Fly ### Let's face it, the straight headboards like stakes are not really adapted to the position we dream of when we slip under the duvet. Fortunately for us, there are the tilted headboards!

Extra large

Fly ### The bad point about small headboards? Do not leave us any other choice than to lay our head ... against the wall. On the comfort side, the result is necessarily average. Conversely, this XXL headboard promises us ultra-comfortable evenings: our head will never touch it!


Habitat ### Thick, rounded, soft and dressed in textile, this headboard illustrates the softness and comfort so much desired at nightfall.


Ikéa ### Dressed in linen and softly padded, the headboard takes on height. We already dream of snuggling against her!


Maisons du Monde ### Below its beige slipcover, this headboard conceals a soft and firm structure at the same time, in the style of a mattress. Ideal for leaning against it for a reading break.

Imitation leather

La Redoute ### Very masculine, this imitation leather headboard plays the comfort card in its own way.


La Redoute ### The beaded edges of this headboard highlight its quilted structure against which it is pleasant to lean.


La Redoute ### Beautiful and convenient, it is the gamble won by this grand century model whose soft character is obvious.


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