Leroy Merlin: discover the new spring-summer 2015

Leroy Merlin: discover the new spring-summer 2015

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A wind of novelty for all the rooms in the house is blowing on Leroy Merlin! Discover, without further delay, what awaits you in store to sublimate your interior and your garden, in the colors of the season.

Design in the bathroom

Leroy Merlin We love the furniture set from the Néo collection, consisting of a piece of furniture on casters, a hanging piece of furniture with two drawers and counter top sinks. Contemporary and practical, what more could you ask for?

A colorful balcony!

Leroy Merlin To make the most of sunny days, nothing like a colorful barbecue that smells good in summer! In order to optimize your surface, opt for an Easy Clip Slab covering (€ 4.55 per tile) and PRIMO artificial grass (€ 16.73 per square meter).

How to enlarge your kitchen at a lower cost

Leroy Merlin To enlarge a slightly narrow kitchen, play with shapes using striped vinyl paper (Aurora model). Easy to install and ideal to put on the ceiling!

Living outdoors as well as indoors

Leroy Merlin We love the wooden garden shed (€ 999), which looks like a small house worthy of the tales of our childhood! Special mention also for the teepee playground, which will delight the little ones!

Color behind the stove!

Leroy Merlin A sleek worktop and optimized storage space: this is what the Griotte Delinia kitchen offers, from the Maison rouge collection. All in a pretty cherry red, to die for! The little extra: the ingenious bottle rack, directly integrated into the cupboard.

Pastel shades for a soothing room

Leroy Merlin Whether to cover the walls or as a cushion cover, the new Leroy Merlin colors bring a very soft and restful side to the bedroom.

Bring your bathroom back to life!

Leroy Merlin Want to change? Tiles, smooth or patterned, could well revamp your bathroom! It's up to you to assemble them as you wish, in the colors of your furniture and accessories.

Having a second house outside

Leroy Merlin For DIY enthusiasts, compulsive accumulators or simply if you need a workshop, think big by installing a sturdy and raised garden shed. Count 1840 euros for this Elite model.

Customize your dresser!

Leroy Merlin We love this superb 1950s chest of drawers, wildly vintage and devilishly trendy! It's up to you to choose the wallpaper of your choice, like the pretty floral motif on the photo above, and affix it to the furniture.