A decorative water point in the garden

A decorative water point in the garden

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To bring a decorative and refreshing touch to the garden, we put on a fountain or a basin. Your garden will then take on a very natural look to bring you peace and serenity. Here are some ideas for creating a water point in your garden, views of the Jardins, Jardin living room.

A large pool

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions If you have space, you can opt for a very large pond that can accommodate fish and vegetation. You can install water lilies, real plants or fake decorations for a very original style.

A pond running in the garden

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions For water to accompany your entire garden, you can choose a pool on several levels which creates a water path in your space. The sound of the water will then be very soothing.

A small fountain

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions For an aquatic touch on your terrace, you can also choose a small wooden basin that you will place on the terrace or in the garden. Depending on your space, you can adjust the size of the pool.

A design pool

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions To add an aquatic element to your designer garden, you need to turn to a streamlined basin made of a raw material such as stone. To decorate the pond, do not hesitate to install some flowers in it.

A Zen pool

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions If you want a Zen garden, turn to a stone fountain into which the water comes with a bamboo to combine the elements of water, plant and stone.


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