Spotted on blogs this week: 7 spring decor ideas to adopt urgently!

Spotted on blogs this week: 7 spring decor ideas to adopt urgently!

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This week, the sun has mainly shone by its absence and that is the kind of thing that tends to quickly influence my Google requests: "how to get leave when we have already asked them all"; "Bahamas round trip price"; "tip to win the lottery". After three pop-ups that offered me to "earn money easily without leaving my home", I understood that the solution to bring spring was elsewhere. Failing to leave me cool in the sun, I decided, more simply, to give a spring look to my interior. Here are 7 ultra trendy spring decor ideas unearthed on my favorite blogs!

Put the sun in your life even on the grayest days

Caro Dels With the days getting longer and the temperatures getting warmer, I want to spend my life outside basking in the sun. But, unlike my cat, I can't spend my days lazing around and so it often happens (I don't know if you had already noticed this ability of the sun to point its nose out when you are stuck at work) that I miss beautiful sunny days. So, to warm up my even the grayest weekends, I fell in love with these small DIY candle jars designed by Caro Dels.

Vegetalize your interior

Lili in Wonderland Running in the meadows, rolling in the grass or getting lost in a sunflower field, all things that I will never be able to do from my 4th city floor. If the absence of hectares of garden made me cross a cross on some of my dreams, I did not give up the idea of ​​creating a miniature garden at home. So I looked for a practical and decorative planter and I found my happiness on Lili in Wonderland. A little paint, a wooden crate and voila!

Stop finding excuses for not going green

La Délicate Parenthèse Plants and me it was not always a great love story. That's how I discovered that you don't really need to have a green thumb to green your interior. You just need to know how to create the illusion. On her blog La Délicate parenthèse, using metal rods and paper, Andréa achieves a pretty impressive and easy-to-make trompe-l'oeil pilea. You no longer have excuses for not going green!

Put good humor in pots

C by Clémence If, ​​like me, you are the type to get depressed as soon as bad weather comes up, it is necessary to make your home a real reserve of good humor. With these ultra trendy little pots, no more blues! Clémence details the steps to follow on her blog.

Let nature invade our walls

Miss etc. What would be a spring without flowers? At best an autumn at worst a winter. And it's clearly not what I want at the moment. So I decided to put flowers everywhere in my interior by making flowers… the walls! I found the perfect tutorial on the blog of Miss etc. These cannon clay vases are very easy to make - even children can do it!

Imagine a corner of greenery in his image

Grumpy Eyes We often like that our decor looks like us. And I tell myself that my vision of spring today (where it is all gray and that I dream of naps in the sun) may be a little different tomorrow. I was seduced by the DIY wall decoration proposed by Céline des Yeux grognons. With a simple grid and personalized preserves, she created a real space of expression entirely flexible according to our desires.