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Kenwood, Braun, De'Longhi: there's something new in the kitchen!

Kenwood, Braun, De'Longhi: there's something new in the kitchen!

Need a new multifunction food processor, a more efficient coffee maker, a kettle with a more original look? That's good, Kenwood, Braun and De'Longhi presented us their new products today. Preview presentation of the products that you will soon be able to discover in stores.

MultiOne by Kenwood

Notice to all cooking enthusiasts who don't have the space to accumulate several robots in their cupboards, the MultiOne is the solution to your problem! Ultra compact, it of course has all the essential functions for baking but also serves as a blender, citrus press, juicer and chopper. Not bad is not it ? 350 euros

Chef by Kenwood

From starter to dessert, you can make all your favorite recipes thanks to the new Chef robot. We particularly appreciate it for its use which is simpler and more intuitive thanks to a graduated bowl, a luminous switch allowing to turn off the robot without disconnecting it as well as an assisted opening of the head so as to no longer need to force ! 599 euros

The glass kettle by Kenwood

To change traditional kettles, we offer this model imagined in glass by Kenwood. Chic and elegant, it will appeal to any kitchen.

Cooking Chef KM099 Premium by Kenwood

Kenwood This is a truly unique Kenwood robot! Equipped with induction cooking to the nearest degree, it is as much a pastry robot as a versatile food processor. Delivered with a pastry kit, a cooking kit, a blender with mixer, a multifunction bowl, a 6.7-liter bowl, two spatulas and a coaster as well as a book of 220 recipes, how not to be left behind try this 4 in 1 product? Only problem: its price which could cool more than one! 1299 euros

Multiquick MQ787 by Braun

Mix, chop, whisk, grate, chop, emulsify ... the Multiquick mixer stand is a real multi-function robot. You can change accessories with one click and adjust the speed with one touch thanks to its intuitive side. 160 euros

MultiMix by Braun

Ergonomic, small and compact design, the new Braun beater will appeal to pastry lovers. Its mission: to combine the power of a multifunction robot and the comfort of a blender stand. You will love it! 60 euros

Espresso pump ECI 341 by De'Longhi

In addition to its ultra sophisticated design, the new De'Longhi espresso pump is ready to use all day thanks to its self-priming system. Ground coffee or pod, you have the choice when preparing it. Want to add a little milk froth? Use the integrated steam nozzle! 199 euros

KBI digital kettle by De'Longhi

With its futuristic look and its metal colors, the new kettle signed De'Longhi will not go unnoticed in your kitchen! Imagined with a digital base to control the temperature of the water, you can thus enjoy an ideal infusion of teas! Plus: water can be kept warm for 20 minutes Delonghi, Distinta kettle, 149 euros (available in white, black, bronze and copper)

CTI toaster by De'Longhi

With the 6 heating positions of the new De'Longhi toaster, the browning of your sandwiches can be controlled as you wish. In addition, you will no longer risk burning your fingers thanks to its extra-high position which makes it easy to recover the bread. Delonghi toaster, Distinta, 99 euros (available in white, black, bronze and copper)