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A small apartment with invisible storage!

A small apartment with invisible storage!

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The interior design agency RMGB has completely redesigned the decoration of this small Parisian apartment located rue Dauphine. Functional and stripped down to the extreme, it has been provided with numerous storage spaces which blend in with the ambient decor. Almost invisible, they are nonetheless clever and offer extremely interesting decoration perspectives. Explanations in pictures.

Minimalist design

RMGB The living room has been deliberately stripped down to the extreme, simply furnished with cherry red designer seats and cubic storage in solid wood. The latter were considered as decorative elements in their own right, and not as classic furniture thanks to their atypical format and the absence of handles.

Clean atmosphere in the kitchen

RMGB The kitchen is integrated into a large white Corian worktop that runs along the main room. It serves as a workspace, dining table and kitchen worktop. On the latter, the RMGB agency has duplicated the format of the hobs to create modules of different materials. Each material has a specific function: a block of cork which allows you to place hot utensils, a block of marble as a cutting board, a large sponge which serves as a drainer and a basin. The storage spaces were chosen in the same color as the walls to create a monochrome effect. Totally invisible, they contribute to the refined atmosphere of the kitchen!

Open the spaces to enlarge the apartment

RMGB The bedroom is separated from the kitchen by a simple partition clad in solid blond wood, which ends horizontally above the bed. Present in the whole apartment, the wood is treated in a very contemporary style, bringing a touch of nobility to the minimalist decoration of the whole.

Maximum opening

RMGB The architectural agency has deliberately overturned the classic codes of interior design and the distribution of spaces. The bedroom, traditionally separated as much as possible from the living space, is here integrated into the heart of the apartment like an open space.

Preserve privacy

RMGB In order to transform the sleeping area into an intimate cocoon after dark, the architects imagined a retractable partition like Japanese panels. This large electric blind allows the main room to be separated into two zones, thus creating a more intimate bedroom space. During the day, the blind is raised and the room regains its full perspective: a practical and inexpensive solution when you want to separate the spaces without distorting a large room!

A discreet office area

RMGB As in the rest of the apartment, the storage space in the workspace is very discreet, even almost invisible. The desk is simply integrated into the long worktop which extends into the kitchen. Numerous storage spaces have been arranged in wall niches created by the RMGB agency, thus occupying a minimum of space while offering a large storage capacity.

An XXL wardrobe

RMGB The dressing room, which is made up of several simple blocks, is a central element of the main room. It highlights the essence of wood, the branching sycamore, also used for bathroom furniture and the kitchen wall. These large format cupboards refer to the old transport trunks, and blend perfectly with the refined decor of the Parisian apartment.

Wood, the star of the bathroom

RMGB The bathroom accommodates a piece of blond wood furniture that fits naturally into the architecture of the place. Like a station locker, it has several very clever storage spaces. One of the doors hides a toilet space inspired by old dressing tables, with its multiple shelves to store beauty products while having the essentials at hand.

The art of detail

RMGB The coating of the sink perfectly imitates wood, and thus brings a very chic touch to the toilet space. The taps were deliberately chosen sober and refined, to complement the Zen style of this minimalist bathroom.


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