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10 green and design decorative objects

10 green and design decorative objects

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Ecology has become an important concern for a large part of the world's population and that's good. We must in fact take care to preserve our environment and planet Earth as much as possible. Fortunately, the designers have also looked into the matter. Here are 10 creations that combine ecology and original design.

The chair that recycles

Werner Aisslinger Brilliant German designer, recognized worldwide since the selection of one of his creations for the permanent exhibition of the MoMA in New York, Werner Aisslinger likes to confront new materials. This is the case with this Hemp chair, a sustainable monobloc chair project, made 70% from hemp.

The block that recycles and recharges

Blumen The iPhone 4/5 Dock is a natural docking station specially designed for the apple smartphone. This solid oak dock, both robust and distinguished, will elegantly accommodate iPods while allowing them to be recharged.

The USB key that recycles

BOLTgroup Set up by a group of young American designers, this project proposes to recycle paper and cardboard to make packaging of USB key. No bigger than a credit card and separable in one click, this project is the editor's favorite!

The chair that recycles

Christian Desile "Made in France" is also an important concept within ecological culture. Concerned about the environment, Christian Desile has his chair made of high-end plywood by a Charentaise company. It is a 90% French product, we salute the effort.

The recycle beanbag

Gustus What could be more natural than a simple bale of straw? Starting from this premise, the English designer Gusto presents us with a pouf stuffed with straw named Baley. Fill with whatever you want: paper, straw, cardboard, soil…

The smart switch

Jack Godfrey The ecological switch called House off allows you to turn on or off all electrical devices that are unnecessarily on standby (and therefore waste energy) with just one click.

The recycling plant

Lagardere False plant but real savings, the solar panel that forms the sunflower allows you to charge your mobile phone without ever consuming.

The recycling lamp

Manon Leblanc In this ecological lamp is installed a hydroelectric battery, a carboxylic rod covered with magnesium. When the battery comes into contact with water, it produces enough energy to power the LED strips and light up.

Recycling litter

Poopy cat Animal lovers also have the right to think about the future of the planet, with this ecological and biodegradable litter, which in addition, avoids bad smells, not always pleasant at home.