We want apples all over the house!

We want apples all over the house!

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The mythological fruit par excellence, the apple has fascinated since time immemorial. In turn, fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, apple of discord, representation of temptation and sensuality, it has been charged over the centuries with symbolic power. Today, it perfectly embodies the new values ​​of our society by evoking a healthy and dietetic, eco-responsible and joyful lifestyle. What could be more natural when she invites herself into all the rooms of the house? Update on this new fun and gourmet decorative accessory!

Golden apples and reinettes are exposed on the wall

Botanique éditions The designer Godefroy de Virieu reinterprets the traditional shelf with this "winter tree" which hangs from the ceiling or hangs on the wall. Split chestnut from eco-managed forests in the Dordogne, this craft object has become a classic. While waiting to be crunched, the apples are devoured by the eyes… Granny green, gala red or golden yellow, it's up to you to create your seasonal composition! Winter tree, 70 cm or 45 cm, € 79, Botanique Editions

Glass and apple

Xavier Nicostrate When Laurence Brabant and Alain Villechange create a fruit bowl, they necessarily play on the effects of transparency and optics that characterize their universe full of poetry. The bowl, made of flame-blown borosilicate glass, is designed to rest on a real fresh apple. Below, the apples catch the eye. A beautiful object that changes everything. OMBILIC Cup by Laurence Brabant, € 190

We want apples in the living room!

Maisons du Monde At Maisons du Monde, apples take over the shelves this season. In white, green or orange resin, in 12, 15 or 21 cm versions they bring a freshness to the decor of the living room. An accessory full of simplicity that we love for its regressive and symbolic side at the same time.

In the children's room: Reinette apples and API apple

Maisons du Monde Playful and colorful, apple patterns wonderfully enliven the rooms of the little ones. On the walls, we fall for posters, stickers, or this adorable apple-shaped shelf that appeals to mothers and babies alike. Apple metal pink wall shelf, height 73 cm

An "apple" dollhouse for little esthetes

Rock & Pebble Ultra design, this dollhouse in natural birch is so beautiful that it makes you want to go back to childhood. A conceptual gift to introduce children to the pleasure of beautiful wooden objects and stimulate their imagination.

A seventies decor… with apples!

Maisons du Monde Stylized and energized, apple motifs can also play the vintage card! Back in the 1970s with these table accessories and Thelma plates that immediately put us in a good mood

The crochet apple, for young and old, absolutely!

Anne-Claire Petit The specialist in crochet comforters Anne-Claire Petit also succumbed to the fruit of temptation. Its colorful and playful apples brighten up children's bedrooms, but nothing prevents you from putting them in the living room to boost your decor. Made by Chinese women in accordance with traditional techniques, each apple allows villages in northern China to live better. One more reason to bite into this apple…. Crochet apple, Anne-Claire Petit, € 99 or € 245 depending on the size

The apple of the geeks: the Apple logo is also an apple!

Apple This apple is present in millions of homes, without being really invited to it… Iconic logo, the apple of Steve Jobs pays tribute to the discovery of the theory of gravitation by Isaac Newton and the mathematician Alan Turing , father of IT who put an end to his life by crunching in a cyanide apple… When you are told that the apple is full of symbols and that it is everywhere!

Oh, a love apple!

Mat & Jewski Hervé Matejewski likes to surprise with unexpected shapes. A successful bet with this lamp in the shape of a love apple in mouth-blown glass. Red kiss, it ignites the atmosphere after dark ... A beautiful piece to offer to declare its flame! Love apple lamp by Mat & Jewski, € 620