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10 cool seats for the teenage bedroom

10 cool seats for the teenage bedroom

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Because teens particularly like to be comfortable, we offer them a comfortable seat and at ground level for a cool and trendy spirit. For all these reasons, the pouffe is the essential seat of the teenage bedroom. We have selected 10 very nice models to discover in pictures.

A denim pouffe

Earth art Denim is the essential material for teens! So why not adopt it as a pouffe? Art terre offers an ecological model made from recycled jeans. We call it upcycling.

A floor cushion ottoman

Bed and Philosophy With these low ottomans, teens will be as close to the ground as possible for moments of relaxation in their bedroom. These models are ultra trendy with their linen material and their colorful figure.

An armed pouffe

Love Creative People The US Army spirit is very trendy among teens, so why not integrate a pouffe in the bedroom inspired by the fabrics of the military? Trendy atmosphere guaranteed!

A sofa-style ottoman

My note deco Some larger poufs can create a style between the bench and the sofa to offer teens a real living room in their bedroom. It will be ideal for entertaining friends or watching TV.

A pear ottoman

La Redoute The must-have pouffe in teen rooms is the pear pouffe! Created in the 70s, it knows how to speak to all teenagers from generation to generation thanks to its comfort and its original look.

A storage pouffe

La Redoute For teenagers who lack storage space, we can be tricky by offering them an ottoman that also serves as a storage chest. We install books or clothes that will be hidden in the seat.

One for recovered spirit

La Redoute Because the industrial style is also trendy in the teenage bedroom, we put on an ottoman which is nothing more than a metal canister enhanced with a cushion. The good news is that it too accommodates storage space in the seat.

An ottoman with floor cushions

Paragraph To create a bench seat on the ground, you can also have floor cushions that you can also stack to create a tall pouffe. By adding cushions against a wall, you will also create a sofa space.

A pouffe

Alinéa To make yourself comfortable, also choose a fireside chair, this soft pouffe which can be transformed into an extra bed. It will be ideal for teens who like to receive their friends.