Decorative ideas for painting your walls

Decorative ideas for painting your walls

To enhance and energize the walls, you often need nothing more than a few cans of paint, brushes and a good dose of imagination. To help you make your walls real works of art, here are some ideas to recreate at home.

Colored tiles

Fly How about creating a color scheme on your wall? Choose a shade like blue and apply it in several shades on your wall by painting squares. The effect is then very original like a painting of contemporary art.

A wall in a strong color

Fly To give character to a room, you can also choose to paint a single wall in a very strong color like red or purple. Your wall will then bring a new dimension to your room.

A strip of color

Fly To play with the strong colors, you can also paint a strip of color that will match your furniture. For example, choose fuchsia to energize the entire room.

A decorative base

Paragraph To create a graphic effect on your wall, you can also opt for two different colors. For example, choose to paint 1/3 of the height in one color and the rest in another to create a trompe l'oeil base.

A painting on the wall

Decorative House Thanks to playful painting, you will be able to give a very creative spirit to your walls. You can for example paint part of a wall with a slate paint in order to transform it into an expression wall.

A decorative recess

Resource If you have a recess or other frame, consider painting it in a different color to make it a real decorative asset. Do not hesitate to have this color match another of your decor.

A circle on the wall

Fly What if you had fun creating a geometric shape on your wall? You can for example opt for a very large circle of color that will give a pop spirit to your interior.

A color block spirit

Leroy Merlin If color doesn't scare you, play the color block trend by combining very bright colors together. Here pink, orange and purple overlap to create a very strong visual effect!

An artist-style wall

Little Greene Finally, if you appreciate the geometry of Mondrian, create black bands and color rectangles to give you a graphic and unique wall that is sure to be the centerpiece of your interior.

A reinforced corner

Dulux Valentine What a good idea to reinforce a corner of the kitchen with a darker paint than those of the other walls! Our advice: choose a flashy color to really bring more decoration.

A colorful splashback

Maisons du Monde Have you chosen white furniture in your kitchen and want to add a touch of pep? Paint the splashback in a flashy duck blue. It throws, right?

Two bands to surround

Dulux Valentine To bring a little originality in the entry, here is a decorative tip made with paint to prick. Two bands of flashy purple surround the door to make it the center of attention.

Create a decor

Paragraph The painting also allows you to create decorations, and in the bedroom of the little bits, it turns out to be a real pleasure. Here, thanks to two different blues, castle fortifications materialize for a successful Middle Ages atmosphere.

A two-tone wall

Fly To give your decor a unique look, opt for the two-tone trend. In this living room, the wall has been separated into two distinct colors: red and white to create a rock & roll atmosphere in tune with the times.

A Tie and Dye wall

Dulux Valentine The Tie and Dye trend is rampant on the walls! In the bedroom, the painting is part of a pastel gradient ranging from pink to yellow, including salmon. We love !

To highlight an element

Dulux Valentine The walls of your kitchen are all dressed in white. Except a red band which crosses one of them to highlight the oven and the hood which are installed above.

To accentuate the role of the arch

Tollens It is not always easy to highlight certain structural elements of our interiors. With paint you can, however, detach them from the rest of the decor like this arcade which once painted in a dark beige no longer goes unnoticed.

Like paint tests

Fly Having trouble deciding on the right color for the living room? Take tests and observe the result. For us, this achievement is a real favorite.

Scratches on brick

Dulux Valentine You want to give a little relief to your brick wall? Our advice to give it a new look: paint horizontal stripes in natural colors. Original, right?