DIY wedding: 30 homemade candle jar ideas

DIY wedding: 30 homemade candle jar ideas

Light is one of the most important elements of your wedding decor. So, before you start making your candle jars, take a look at our 30 "homemade" models found on Pinterest. Nice discovery!

A custom felt candle holder

Creature Comforts 5 minutes, not one more to make this decorative tealight yourself. Bring small glass jars, a large golden felt, and make the desired pattern on the entire surface: cross, dots, triangle ... * Source: Creature Comforts *

A natural tealight holder

How to be perfect woman? Do you want to make a natural tealight holder for your table? Easy ! Fill glass vases of different sizes with water, slide a few twigs into the bottom and add a floating candle! * Source: How to be perfect woman? *

A pastel tealight holder

Paper'n'Stitch Place your plaster powder previously prepared in the cubes of your silicone mold, then put the metal base of your tealights. Let dry, unmold, and add a few touches of pastel paint using a brush. * Source: Paper'n'Stitch *

An eggshell as a tealight holder

Creative Green Living To make these eggshell candle holders, start by painting the eggs in soft pastel colors. Melt your colored wax and place the wicks while the latter heats up. Finally, pour the hot wax into your dry shells. * Source: Creative Green Living *

A jar of spangled yogurt

Bird's'Party Save a few jars of glass yogurt to make these festive candle jars. Paint the lower part with gold paint or glue and use masking tape to delimit the area with more precision. Sprinkle with glitter and shake off the excess with a fine brush. * Source: Bird's'Party *

An autumnal tealight holder

Sous Notre Toit To have very flat leaves, start by flattening them under a pile of books as if you were making a herbarium. Then glue the outside of a beer glass, then glue the leaves one by one. Finally, add a layer of glue and let it dry. * Source: Sous Notre Toit *

Leaves on the tealight holder

No Wooden Spoons To make this natural candle holder, completely cover a jar with glue-varnish and then stick your leaves. Let it dry, and drag your candles. Nice the result, right? * Source: No Wooden Spoons *

Liberty fabric on the tealight holder

The Barefoot Bride Seduced by the fresh and authentic side of these candle jars? Stick a small strip of blue masking tape on the lower part of the small glass jar, then stick a thicker strip of Liberty fabric. That's all ! * Source: The Barefoot Bride *

Washi tape tealight holder

Bibouchka Give new life to your old glass yogurt pots by sticking vertical strips of decorative washi tape. Here is an original candle holder created in two stages, three movements! * Source: Bibouchka *

A tealight holder with an old jar

The Bride in Anger You probably have old Le Parfait jars lying around your houseā€¦ So much the better! Remove the cover, slip a wire into the metal loops to act as a handle, then hang them as you see fit. * Source: The Bride in Anger *

A small lantern with a pot of yogurt

The Barefoot Bride To make this hanging tealight like a small lantern, you will need wire to create the handle and a small yogurt pot for the container. * Source: The Barefoot Bride *

Colorful preserves

Die Landfrau Using a colored spray can, cover the outside of your cans in the color of your choice. Then, with a hammer and a large nail, drill a few holes here and there to let the light filter in. * Source: Die Landfrau *

Small holes in preserves

Lemon Rock These candle jars are sparkling, don't you think? On the same principle as the previous tealight holder, create dozens of small holes with a hammer and nails, then slide your candles. * Source: Lemon Rock *

Tealight holders with bottles of wine

Bob Vila If the technique of cutting bottles is a little tricky (see tutorial link below) the result is most surprising once the candles are slipped underneath, right? * Source: Bob Vila *

Patterns in preserves

Foozine Hearts, stars, trees ... you can easily create the pattern of your choice by drawing in advance on your can the path to follow for your nails! * Source: Foozine *

A very sweet tealight holder

Wed and the city A small candle holder in smooth glass, a small ball of white wool, a pair of scissors, you will not need more material to make these comforting candle jars. * Source: Wed and the city *

A candle holder like in the forest

Paper and Lace To make this tealight holder, take a glass, a few twigs that you will cut to size with a pruner, and a tube of strong glue. Then glue each twig until completely covering the glass. And There you go ! * Source: Paper and Lace *

An ultra-worked tealight holder

Fab Diy To make this tealight holder, start by cutting out the shape of your choice from masking tape, glued to the jar, using a cutter. Bomb the jar, add a small string then make a few white lines around the heart using a white felt pen. * Source: Fab Diy *

Pretty sequins

The bride next door Small pots of glass yogurt, glue, golden glitter, a few minutes of your time, and these are homemade candle jars that could make a difference on D-Day. * Source: The bride next door *

Paint splashes

Time to diy Happy and festive, these candle jars will give a boost to your wedding table decor. To make them, bring a nice palette of paint, a fine brush to make the polka dot model, and a sponge to make the one with large circles. * Source: Time to diy *

Ideas by the dozen

The bride next door String, newspaper, lace ribbon: with the same material, you can make a multitude of different candle holders. Let your imagination run wild! * Source: The bride next door *

Romantic lace

Nelly Vintage Home To create a romantic atmosphere on your table, we recommend that you use candle jars covered with pretty lace. Easy to make, you just cut your lace at the height of your jar and then fix it all with a little glue. * Source: Nelly Vintage Home *

Concrete stars

Hello Natural These candle holders caught your eye? Here are some tips for making them! Pour quick-drying cement into a star-shaped glass mold. Make a hole by inserting your tealight, then let it dry. Unmold and slide your candle! * Source: Hello Natural *

Tealight holders with clothespins

Femour After having tasted its container at lunchtime, keep the box of your tuna from which you will first have removed the lid. Pinch all around the wooden clothespins, then place a small glass jar with its candle. * Source: Femour *

Paper candle jars

How about orange With a few scissors in sheets of white paper, glass jars and a little tape, make these candle holders as graphic as they are surprising! * Source: How about orange *

Recycled spirit newspaper

Hey Look To make these candle jars with a recycled spirit, stick small pieces of newspaper to the outside of a glass jar using glue varnish and a brush. * Source: Hey Look *

Cork for the tealight holder

LizzieJoeDesigns Cut a circle in a cork board on which you will stick in the center a small glass jar. Then glue all around the cork stoppers and surround the whole with a pretty ribbon. * Source: Etsy *

Glitter party!

All you need is love and paint To make these candle jars a bit girly, make a small headband with glitter that you will have placed on a small circle of glue. Then cut out small strips of pink paper, and stick them inside the small glass jar. * Source: All you need is love and paint *

Letters on canned food

A Beautiful Mess To remind the name of the happy bride and groom on your table decor, paint tin cans in white, then shape your letters with a hammer and a nail. * Source: A Beautiful Mess *