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The botanical garden of Tourmalet

The botanical garden of Tourmalet

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Anyone who has hiked in the mountains knows that the alpine flora is a rich and generous environment. Each summer hundreds of flowers bloom and make the mountain a garden of Eden. In the 90s, Serge Riedeubat, a true lover and passionate, created the Tourmalet botanical garden whose essential vocation is cultural. Its goals: initiating the public to wild flora, raising awareness of the fragility of the mountain environment, promoting rare and difficult to access plants, conserving or cultivating varieties under the supervision of the Pyrenees National Park or of the Pyrenees Botanical Conservatory. Open to the public since 1996, this garden is located at 1,500 meters above sea level and covers an area of ​​2 hectares. It is still the only one in the Pyrenees today to present mountain flora with 2,000 local species and 500 foreign species. This is not all: the Tourmalet botanical garden is also a horticultural operation which allows the visitor to leave with a specimen of edelweiss, houseleek, stonecrop, saxifrage ... so that the charm continues once the visit is over.

Tourmalet botanical garden

Tourmalet botanical garden They are also introduced according to the altitude at which they are most often encountered.

Garden games

Tourmalet botanical garden Plates in the form of boards are available to children for a fun educational approach.

Tourmalet botanical garden

Tourmalet botanical garden Don't worry, signs are also there to help you recognize certain species. And a guide, present in the afternoons, will explain everything you can see, and not see.

Lily of the Pyrenees

Tourmalet Lis botanical garden or Pyrenean lily (* Lilium pyrenaicum *) you will only find it here.

Ramonde of the Pyrenees

Botanical garden of Tourmalet Ramonde or ramondie (* Ramonda myconi *) of the Pyrenees is found in shaded and humid places, like the hollow of the rocks of this river.

Hoof of Venus

Botanical garden of Tourmalet Sabot de Vénus (* Cypripedium calceolus *). This orchid which flowers from May to July is rare and protected.


Tourmalet botanical garden Moms will be reassured, the garden offers a playground for young children. They will be able to take full advantage of the flowers during their visit.

Tourmalet botanical garden

Tourmalet botanical garden Part of the national houseleek collection, made up of 800 taxa in sempervivum, classified by the Conservatory of Specialized Plant Collections, a real treasure.