Concrete effect for furniture

Concrete effect for furniture

Concrete never ceases to appeal in modern or industrial style interiors for its design properties and clean lines. Also, concrete settles on furniture to invade your interior. Discover ideas for bringing concrete effect furniture into your interior.

Concrete furniture for a holiday spirit

Maisons du monde Note that a concrete table can also be set up in a warm environment such as a Provencal terrace. We will choose a concrete effect table that we will match with rattan chairs to soften everything.

Concrete in an industrial environment

Maisons du monde If your interior has an industrial style, concrete effect furniture will not fail to complement your decor! Choose a massive and raw table that will meet the other elements of your interior.

A concrete office

Maisons du monde Do not hesitate to use concrete furniture in all rooms of the house. You can thus divert a large concrete table to create an original and very designer desk.

A concrete coffee table

Maisons du monde In the living room you can also choose concrete with the coffee table for example. Simple and refined, the coffee table will sublimate the living room in all originality.

Concrete worktop

Marc Mobilier Contemporain In the kitchen, concrete can be installed on the worktop to create an island that is both design and original. Its raw appearance will not fail to sit the kitchen as the centerpiece of the house.

A concrete tray

Marc Mobilier Contemporain For all the furniture in the house, you can opt for a concrete tray. You will then choose a metal or wooden base to lighten the furniture while retaining the raw appearance of the concrete.

Design concrete furniture

Marc Mobilier Contemporain Concrete allows a certain originality in the creation of furniture. Also, you will find very design bookcases and other pieces of furniture with refined forms but very worked.

Functional furniture

Marc Mobilier Contemporain Finally, concrete will be installed on all furniture to allow you to create a functional interior. Console, table, desk, all your interior can opt for concrete.