10 ideas for a cozy little bedroom

10 ideas for a cozy little bedroom

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Having a small bedroom is not inevitable ... and even less in winter. This can even become an advantage: the small spaces keep warm and adapt perfectly to the cocooning decor. Demonstration in pictures with this slideshow that we warmly recommend you read to go from a small banal room to a small cozy room. Make way for inspiration!

On a little cloud

Ikea We continue with a student studio as big as a pocket handkerchief but fitted out with ingenuity. The bed, could not be more cozy, attracts light and looks. To distill the cocoon spirit over the entire length of the room, we thought of hanging a canopy on the ceiling. What dream students of the city U!

Always higher !

Farrow & Ball In this cramped room as possible, we challenge the lack of space on the ground by tackling the height. The hanging books and the raised bed combine with the Farrow & Ball pink and the pretty variegated plaid to create a cocoon atmosphere. Proof that it does not take much to transform a small skimpy room into a haven of peace.

The power of cushions

Cyrillus This Cyrillus staging meets all the criteria of the cozy little bedroom. The mountain of cushions and the accumulation of textiles create a beautiful visual effect. It makes you want to bask nonchalantly, there, now, immediately: happiness.

It is the cotton she prefers

Secret Maison In this room with a padded effect and imagined by Secret Maison, the universe of dreams and that of the bedroom merge. Light textile curtains have been installed on both sides of the bed for even more privacy. One desire: to wrap yourself in it like a wrap and ignore the ringing of your alarm clock without complex.

Small room, big tips

Ikea We continue with a small shared children's room that has the intelligence of the biggest. The loft bed has been fitted with detachable curtains for a cozy co-dodo that respects the vital privacy of the siblings. The hooks attached to the wall add to the ingenuity of the place.

In beautiful sheets

H&M Home Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, we might as well do it in beautiful sheets ... and in a beautiful bed set. In small as in large rooms, the duvet cover is the centerpiece of cozy bedrooms. Demonstration in pictures with this beautiful duvet set with patterns and pastel shades.

Heaven my bed!

Ikea A canopy, we often think of it to protect ourselves from mosquitoes but more rarely to enhance the decor of a small bedroom. And yet, installed above the bed as in this pretty staging signed Ikea, it is enough to create a cocoon of sweetness to dream, laze or find inspiration.

There is only the mesh which goes to him

Spoiler In this cozy little room, we did not forget to add a little wool to the decor. Irish knit patterns with twisted relief cover the bed and pillows to warm up the atmosphere with ease. Don't think you can get out of this cozy bed easily ...


Ikea This cozy little room full of personality will have the last word. Mattresses placed on the floor to give height, walls colored in pink to warm the atmosphere and profusion of personal objects prove that it takes very little to transform a small room into a cozy corner.


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