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10 colors to adopt in 2014

10 colors to adopt in 2014

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A desire for change at the start of the new year? What if you started by giving your interior a fresh look? Blue, green, pink, it is not always easy to find the color that best suits your decor. To help you, here are the 10 shades to adopt in 2014.

A flashy green sofa

Ikéa To make a statement in the living room, opt for this green velvet sofa from the Stockholm collection by Ikéa. Associated with a carpet with oriental patterns and a vintage style wooden coffee table, it creates a very trendy atmosphere.

Anthracite gray in the kitchen

Lapeyre In the kitchen, we bet on a safe bet, anthracite gray, which reveals the other colors and materials that accompany it. If you're worried that it will darken the room, consider pairing it with bright colors like red and yellow.

A touch of red for a designer living room

Goal Put red gives dynamism to the decor of a living room which lacks vitality, but be careful not to abuse it. Choose a single section of wall to cover, and accessorize the black sofa with a few cushions in blood tones for a touch of modernity.

Midnight blue for a total look

Fritz Hansen Trendy and very chic, you can choose to repaint the living room in midnight blue. We love the total look with a sofa and matching accessories that give character to the living room.

A pink dragee room

Leroy Merlin Little girls will imagine themselves princesses in this sugared pink bedroom. To accentuate the girly side, you can match this pink with other pastel colors with a light gray dresser and very pale pink bed linen.

Duck blue furniture

Maisons du Monde To give your decor a little boost and awaken your interior, do not hesitate to bet on duck blue with this velvet sofa from Maisons du Monde. Very elegant, it is however advisable to adopt it alone, duck blue being a very present color.

Coral pink bed linen

My duvet cover This summer's flagship color, coral pink is again showing off this winter. To highlight it in the bedroom, you choose plain bed linen associated with a few white cushions. It gives the impression of traveling to the Caribbean while staying at home!

Burgundy cuisine

Aviva Dare burgundy in all its variations! Between wine and raspberry, this color seduces with its lightness and its refined style. In the kitchen, it is combined with gray or beige to create a very modern atmosphere.

Green water in a dining room

Dulux Valentine Gone are the days when green was only reserved for ponds or bedrooms. If you want to liven up your dining room, bet on a green of water which brings a fresh and zen atmosphere while giving an impression of space.