How to store books in the children's room?

How to store books in the children's room?

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To best tidy up the books in the children's room and make them want to read, we offer 10 parenting tips. To tinker, hunt around or buy ready-made, we make them happy and above all we make room!

Like clockwork!

Lessons of things These are the boys who will love! The skateboard leaves the bitumen and lands in the room. It's up to you to recover old skateboards that you attach to the wall. And if recycling does not tempt you, more and more brands are offering ready-made ones. You just have to hang them!

A wall of books in the children's room

Gray day glamor Practical and fun, we divert the Ikea Fiskbo shelves. Originally intended to accommodate photos, here they present the books as in a bookstore. This dresses the wall and above all awakens the eyes of the little ones! Source: Gray day glamor

A touch of retro

Urbanbroc For Kids It's up to you, China and the flea market, to find a rattan magazine rack! An original way to store books in a child's room, especially if you like vintage style.

Cubes for storing books

Lässig Soft, fun and above all at low prices, fabric cubes are the preferred partners for children's rooms. For the little ones, we will choose funny prints. For older children, we will favor solid colors.

A spice rack as a bookcase

Ikea hacks What if instead of lining up books in a library, we showed them? Enough to make you want to read. To do this, we divert the Ikea Bekväm spice racks and dress them in colors. Kids love it! Source: Ikea Bidouilles

Industrial style storage

Tikamoon Playful and chic, the industrial shelf invites itself into the children's room. Practical, we come to store books and other toys, and above all we easily pick it up according to our desires. From top to bottom, there is no shortage of space!

At the height of the toddlers

Kidkraft Adapted to the size of the little ones, this shelf contributes to their autonomy by allowing them to choose their books themselves. The cover of these, visible from the front, attracts even the most recalcitrant. She has it all!

The house of books

Maisons du Monde Original with its dollhouse shape, this bookcase will delight your little princess! We like the mix of pastel shades that fits easily into any girl's bedroom. Quickly a story!

A real reading corner

Kidkraft Is your little wolf already a fan of books? Comfort him in his passion and imagine him a real cocoon for reading. We can divert a low cabinet with lockers and install a small mattress on it. Sure, he will love it!