10 ideas for planting when you don't have a pot!

10 ideas for planting when you don't have a pot!

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Whether it is to recycle old objects, limit waste or create a truly personal decoration, we all have a good reason to plant our plants in something other than pots and planters! With a little imagination and a minimum of tinkering, these recycled objects highlight the most insignificant plants. No pot? So much the better!

The second life of old tableware


Do you have a granny tureen, gravy boat or teapot that collects dust? If these pieces of old dishes are no longer adapted to our lifestyles, they easily transform into ultra-romantic decorative accessories! Do not forget to have a layer of draining clay balls at the bottom before planting, and above all do not water too much ... Found on Pinterest

An old colander in suspension!

Pretty providence

Vintage colanders are ideal for planting beautiful compositions of green or flowering plants. Their small holes let the water pass while retaining the earth, who says better? On the sides, the handles allow you to easily attach a cord to hang this beautiful hanging plant pot! (And if you don't have a vintage colander, Ikea's GEMAK model does the job very well…) Source: Pretty Providence

Canned cans to magnify cacti


For zero waste enthusiasts, cans can be recycled into pots to accommodate a whole collection of cacti! Once cleaned, you can either keep their all-aluminum look, or cover them with paper or fabric for a 100% trendy effect. Source: Greenola

I sow in eggshells

Being created

It is not only at Easter that we can plant in eggs! If you have already grown lentils in an eggshell (with a damp cotton at the bottom) to make children laugh, know that the shells are rich in nutrients and ideal for making seedlings rise beautifully ... Source: En creation course

A terrarium in a Le Parfait jar

In the boxes of Eliaure

Looking closely, the kitchen is also full of utensils perfectly suited for creating a terrarium. Don't hesitate to plant it in a glass teapot, a carafe or a tall stemmed glass… We love this model created in a small Le Parfait jar! Source: In the boxes of Eliaure

Ladle succulents ...


Like the soup tureen, the ladle is no longer popular in our kitchens. Why not recycle it as a vintage and original pendant light? Only obligation, choose varieties of succulents that do not need a lot of soil, and moisten them with a sprayer gently ... Found on Pinterest

Mini-pots in cork stoppers

I said yes

If you are still wondering how to recycle your corks, here is an original and quick idea to realize. A small hole, a tiny branch of succulent, and presto, this is a charming mini-vase! For an even more successful effect, multiply the caps and vary the varieties… Source: I said yes

I recycle an old book

BricoBistro / Apartment Therapy

How to recycle a slightly damaged old book that we will never read again? By transforming it into a flowerpot! Just cut a hole in the center of the pages (and cover depending on the desired effect), then line it with a piece of transparent plastic. A little gravel, earth, a little moss, and here is a flowerpot that will delight bibliophiles! Source: BricoBistro / Apartment Therapy

Sea urchin shells think they're jellyfish


Do you know the tillandsias? These aerial plants, which we call "daughters of the air", absorb the ambient humidity to live. As they need neither water nor soil, they lend themselves to the play of poetic and original compositions. Attached to sea urchin shells, they transform into vegetable jellyfish tentacles… Poetic, right? Source: PetitBeast