7 ambience ideas for the child's bedroom

7 ambience ideas for the child's bedroom

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Playground and rest area, the children's room deserves a neat and playful decor that resembles them. Whether it's the room for little girls, little boys or mixed rooms, here are 7 atmospheres to inspire you!

A loft-style children's room

Maisons du Monde ** Red metal for the wardrobe and the bed: that's enough to make a nod to industrial design. Most ? Bring decorative accessories like the locomotive or airplane pictures that transport us back to the 1960s. At home, you can imitate the urban aspect of the brick wall thanks to very realistic wallpapers. The metal letters are ideal for accentuating the factory spirit. **

A marine room

Maisons du Monde ** Little fans of the sea and boats can only fall for this decor inspired by cargo ships. Gray painted wood and numbered furniture (dressing room, bedside table or bed) perfectly embody the spirit of freight ships. The final touch that we cannot do without? A decorative boat that sets the tone. **

Traditional sweetness

Goal ** The decor of yesteryear continues to inspire us. To offer children a room lulled by the style of yesteryear, the magic recipe consists of a slate board, light colors, natural materials (wool carpet, parquet for the floor) and decorative objects from our grandparents (stuffed animals, measuring tape, etc.). It's your turn ! **

The colors of the princesses

Purpose ** Fuchsia pink or purple are sure values ​​for girls. To play the princess, nothing like a room where the feminine colors invest the space from the floor (poufs, carpet) to the ceiling (bed cover, desk, walls). If you have a little dreamer at home, here is the decor to adopt! **

Mixed decor for a 2 in 1 bedroom

Goal ** When the brother and the sister share the same room, don't panic! Some decorative tips can subtly separate the room. We put on bed linen of different colors, posters, drawings or tables on each wall, and to optimize space, we prefer bunk beds that include a desk for each and storage. There is therefore no reason to tangle brushes! **

A starry room

Purpose ** Stars in stickers on the dresser, the bed, the bedside table, the wardrobe and the wall: here is a decoration between pink, white and purple to make sweet dreams come true! **