PlayWithDesign: wicker and design for children

PlayWithDesign: wicker and design for children

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From January 31 to February 2, 2015, Playtime Paris will host the 3rd edition of PlayWithDesign, an exhibition dedicated to children's design. If the previous editions were interested in polyurethane foam and cork, this year, it is the wicker's turn to be questioned. Around a theme: mobile experiences. For this, 10 designers were invited to bring these "mobile experiences" to life through an object or a piece of furniture. And this thanks to the know-how of Vannerie de Villaines, French specialist in wickerwork since 1849 in the heart of the Loire Valley. Let's discover 10 creations in movement…


Akatre The trio that Akatre forms - Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert and Sébastien Riveron - proposed "Rocking wheel". In French, the expression is all the more pleonastic: a wheel that rolls therefore. Or an endless movement in which to curl up.

Ann Grim

Ann Grim Here is Ann Grim's "Endless Story". The designer, always looking for "the unique and the exceptional", offers a simplicity that evokes the problem of transmission.

Jes workshop

Atelier Jes Atelier Jes, founded by Johan Brunel and Samuel Misslen, created "peanut" or how light plays with wicker.

Florence Watine

Florence Watine Florence Watine imagined "Youpi Toupie Chair". The dream of so many children come true: to be able to sit on a top at their size.

Gregory Lacoua and Flavie + Paul

Greg Lacoua and Flavie + Paul The design agencies Gregory Lacoua and Flavie + Paul allied themselves with the same vision of design and as a result the "Anim-allies".

Jérôme Dumetz

Jérôme Dumetz A nice project designed by Jérôme Dumetz: "Os-car". By car rabbitou!

Marine Peyre

Marine Peyre The designer Marine Peyre offers "Superswing". A very beautiful swing, very playful and very comfortable. The movement without landing!

Matali Crasset

Matali Crasset The versatile designer Matali Crasset created "Monoplan". A plane all in roundness, all in rattan to fly away in its imagination.

Samuel Accoceberry

Samuel Accoceberry "Chimera" is the creation of designer Samuel Accoceberry, both poetic and intimate.