DIY: 10 natural ideas for changing trees

DIY: 10 natural ideas for changing trees

The Christmas tree, there are those who adore it, install it from December 1st and cannot envisage a Christmas Eve without it, and those who would do well with this big tree in their living room. If you belong to the second category, if you run out of space, if you refuse to cut a tree or if you just want to impress the gallery, here are our 10 ideas for a natural tree ... that really change the tree!

Ultra-minimalist: the mini branch fir tree!

Create recycle Even more stylish, even smaller, this micro-tree only requires 3 or 4 branches and a very small section of wall. It finds its place everywhere, costs almost nothing and still has its small effect ... ** How do we do it? ** One or two large branches are enough to create your DIY tree. You can cut a branch from a large tree, or ask your favorite florist to keep some scraps for you. With pruning shears, prune and cut the branches, then hang them on the wall with thumbtacks or small nails ... Source: Create recycle

Aromatic: a tree of hanging herbs

Domino For a deliciously scented Christmas, we opt for this tree made with aromatic herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage, mint, everything is allowed!). Original, right? ** How do we do it? ** Start by making about twenty bouquets of herbs, then attach them to their base with strings of different lengths (in hemp or nylon depending on the desired effect). Assemble the whole on a wooden stick or a branch collected in the forest ... Source: Domino

Poetic: a fir tree of branches and lights

Pom Made with branches found during a walk in the forest, this magnificent fir tree is as poetic as it is playful. The magic of Christmas without the thorns ... ** How do we do it? ** In the forest, collect 6 or 7 branches of trees of different lengths but with similar diameters (or cut them up!). Assemble them with fishing line, then stick on the branches of pine cones and small plastic animals ... Source: Pom

Conceptual: a birch fir

Michael Wiltbank Elegant, this tree (but is it really a tree?) Seduces us with its simplicity and its quirky and humorous side. Ideal for a last minute DIY! ** How do we do it? ** 3 branches of work assembled with hemp string, a nail, and you're ready to wait for Santa Claus! Source: Michael Wiltbank

Clean: a Christmas tree

Lekker Fris And who said that the Christmas tree had to be a tree? The proof with this bare branch whose elegant winter silhouette and minimalist decorations would make us forget all our desires for Nordmann! ** How do we do it? ** We go into the forest in search of a beautiful branch to pick up, we hang it on the wall with a few nails and we opt for very simple decorations… Source: Lekker Fris

Bright: the Ikea fir chandelier!

Ikea What if this year we put the tree above the table? We love this idea of ​​vegetal chandelier, low budget and full of charm ... Thank you Ikea! ** How do we do it? ** You need a bulb, a cable, and a wicker basket. Turn the basket over, hang some branches and pine cones and pass the bulb cable through the base. You can also replace the bulb with a light garland for a more subdued atmosphere.

Trend: the pallet tree

Basic label Sweden A DIY tree in recycled pallet? It was enough to think about it! Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, this tree takes on all its charm when painted gray, but why not also with a silver or gold paint? ** How do we do it? ** Cut a palette clean with the saw, assemble, glue, and nail decorations and a beautiful star at the top! Source: Basic label Sweden

Scandinavian: DIY light wood tree

My Scandinavian home / My decor like the big ones Ecological, recyclable and without thorns, the wooden tree is easy to make and brings a touch of design to the holiday season. We try ? ** How do we do it? ** Chopsticks, cleats (fir!), Wood glue, a few nails and a little imagination, and here is a beautiful light wooden fir tree! For the foot, we like the idea of ​​the log, which creates a nice contrast of material. Sources: My Scandinavian home / My decor like the grown-ups

Creative: a 100% decorative Christmas wreath

Basic label Sweden Are you still not inspired by the tree? What if you just replaced it with a beautiful Christmas wreath? Source: Basic label Sweden