A cozy nest for my baby

A cozy nest for my baby

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The arrival of a new baby is a moment of joy in the family. We take pleasure in preparing our trousseau, choosing our clothes… and imagining our bedroom! The arrangement of a toddler's cozy nest is a key element so that he feels safe and can sleep, play and dream in peace. For this, several spaces are expected: a change table, a sleeping area, storage and games. offers you in pictures 10 ideas for a cozy and warm baby room.

Bet on accessories

Alinea The secret of a pretty, cozy nest lies above all in the choice of accessories! Here is an anthology of small decorative objects imagined by Alinea: we love the soft colors and the design hooks of the French decoration specialist.

Colorful simplicity

Ikea Ikea signs here a cheerful and original nursery, arranged in a small space. We find the simplicity that makes all the renown of the Nordic style: white walls, light wood, colorful and graphic fabrics.

Stylish girl's room

Vertbaudet Vertbaudet, specialist in children's decoration, has created this room with soft pastel tones and sought-after details. The canopy, the storage trolley, the tables above the chest of drawers ... each object contributes to the harmony of this pretty, cozy nest, which will surely please little girls as well as their mothers.

Teepee spirit

AMPM This original cradle was imagined by AMPM and seduces us with its simplicity. A real soft cocoon, it has the advantage of being able to be installed next to the parental bed when baby is newborn. Hats off to his teepee look and his delicate canopy!

Soft and comfortable room

Natalys Natalys, the brand specializing in newborns, signs this beautiful taupe set with a simple and authentic look. No artifice nor superfluous for this room in which baby can fall asleep in all serenity.

Nordic decor

Alinea This cozy nest designed by Alinea is a harmonious combination of tonic colors and softer tones. Its strong point obviously remains the raw wood furniture which recalls the Scandinavian atmospheres very much in vogue today. To copy: the comfortable and design armchair to feed and cuddle baby. When the latter grows, we move the chair in the living room and voila!

A baby house!

Vertbaudet Big blow of heart for this set bed / chest of drawers / changing table in which baby feels completely safe. Clever and aesthetic, it seduces us with its canopy bed-like roof and its very trendy taupe color.

Powdery softness

La Redoute Another style, another atmosphere in this room with soft and soothing tones. We like the little stuffed toys that are distributed everywhere that brighten up the decor and the original and creative rice paper pendant light.

Head in the stars

Vertbaudet The happy parents will be charmed by this soft and transparent set created by Vertbaudet. Special mention for the headboard and the stickers which bring a magical and original side to the bedroom.