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At Rosées in Mougins, guest rooms with Provencal charm

At Rosées in Mougins, guest rooms with Provencal charm

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At the foot of the old Village of Mougins, nestled in lush greenery hides the guest rooms of the old Bastide: Les Rosées. Simple, refined, amazing and romantic, it was lovingly renovated by Kilpérick and Danielle Lhobet. The decoration is a subtle blend between the past of the building, old objects and modern comfort.

Decoration, the past combined with the present

Aux Rosées The objects that animate and inhabit this house are partially hunted. Naturally finding their place inside the house, one has the impression that they have always been there!

The Isadora suite

Aux Rosées The room pays homage to Isadora Duncan, American dancer of the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century, known for her great freedom of expression. There is a warm atmosphere in part due to the bed nestled in the alcove and the quaint colors.

The Honorat suite

Aux Rosées Located on the garden level, the bedroom is in subtle shades of gray. The walls are painted with lime, carved doors, there is even a small adjoining living room which can also become a second bedroom.

The Serguey bathroom

Aux Rosées Here, the walls are in tadelakt for a velvety effect and the parquet floor for a warmer atmosphere. The glass roof reveals the azure blue sky of the region and floods the room with its rays of light.

The Serguey suite

Aux Rosées Located under the roofs, the room offers a beautiful architectural volume. We like the transverse fireplace between the bedroom and the bathroom. The work on textiles is particularly neat. Headboard with piping buttonholes with pearly buttons, linen veil and linen linen enchant the place.

The Gipsy suite

Aux Rosées La roulotte hosts a bedroom, a living room and a second adjoining roulette where the bathroom is located. Installed in the garden, partly hidden by vegetation, the maisonette is a perfect replica of an old green and red gypsy caravan.

Trailer decorative zoom

Aux Rosées The suite is elegantly decorated where luxury and comfort have come together. Leather armchairs, old baroque display case, embroidered silk blind, cashmere throws provide the final touch.

A garden that smells of Provence

Aux Rosées The garden is small and requires a lot of attention. Typical of the region with stone terraces, old cultivation terraces, the garden is planted only with Mediterranean plants such as olive trees, jasmines, fig trees, rosemaries ...

A swimming pool like a basin

Aux Rosées Although the pool is small in size, it is inspired by the old stone basins used to water the garden. Integrating perfectly into the landscape and the dimensions of the garden, it is welcome to cool off during the hottest hours.