Sarah's 10 arty inspirations

Sarah's 10 arty inspirations

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Largely inspired by contemporary art in general, this style is in a way a variation of many others. A clever mix of pop, industrial, contemporary and even vintage trends ... enough to satisfy all those who are interested in decor who have not yet found their identity or who, like me, likes mix and match atmospheres. Here are my tips and ideas for transforming your interior into a creative laboratory. With, of course, only one golden rule: have fun!

A decorative piece: a design chair

Mustache I love the side "mismatched chairs" at a table. But if in addition you add a piece with a really surprising design, it's won! Here, it is the Bold chair, from the Mustache brand, a tubular creation designed by the Swiss collective Big Game that catches my attention. Playful, his style is both refined and full of fantasy. A little madness that will without hesitation spice up your interior decoration.

A boutique: Kidimo

Kidimo And to bring this industrial side, dear to the arty style, we think of strolling towards Nicolas Flachot's workshop. In this small studio, he gives new life to store signs. With these letters, you compose the words you want for a unique decoration, just for you.

An idea: the frame wall

My Chic Adventure Already seen certainly! But this trend, initiated at the outset by the arty style, today sweeps across concepts, themes or any other decorative dictatorship. From now on, you really let your imagination run wild, you display your favorite posters whether they go together or not, in short, we let go!

An artist: Federico Babina

Federico Babina Speaking of my favorite posters, I recently discovered this Italian illustrator, coming from architecture and who likes to combine space with all other artistic forms ... Perfect to complete my collection!

An example: the interior of Daimon Downey in Sydney

Felix Forest Musician, painter, sculptor, this Australian jack-of-all-trades accumulates… and it shows! His studio - studio is full of all these works, because everything can be a canvas: a chair, a piano, a wooden case. And it's all its interior that turns into a work of art. A real source of inspiration for me!

An essential: a graphic tiling

Bahya Deco With more sober furniture, you can easily have fun with the different coverings. On the floor, we think of cement tiles with ultra geometric patterns, and modern colors, to awaken the decor of an entrance hall, a kitchen or even a living room. On the walls, we also think of an original wallpaper, with offbeat shapes and shades.

A piece of furniture: a tailor-made library

Double G What better way to showcase all our books, gadgets, and other trinkets dear to the arty style than a large library? What I like in this atmosphere is the very sober appearance of the furniture, highlighted by all its touches of color, very studied. Just perfect !

A destination: New York

Michael Tompsett City of contemporary art par excellence, The Big Apple is the perfect place to get inspired, hang out at MoMa, in trendy restaurants or in the lively districts of this city that never sleeps. Because if you want to take a few arty tips, this is where you have to go.

A blog: The Selby

The Selby Without moving, we fill up on ideas on the Todd Selby site, in which we visit the apartments of the most prominent personalities of the moment. A fresh and furiously stylish look, in place for over seven years. Here, we invite ourselves to Erin Wasson's, in Greenwich Village, where vintage and industrial pieces merge. In the same spirit, I recommend the Inside Closet site by Anne-Sophie, initially focused on fashion, but who quickly became interested in decoration.


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