Tidy laundries

Tidy laundries

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Whether your laundry room is tiny or ultra spacious, the key is to keep it tidy. Here are some good practical or decorative ideas in pictures to inspire you!

Smart laundry baskets

Leroy Merlin When they display the wall inscription "white" and "colors", the laundry baskets do us great service! Or how to make it easier when washing your clothes and optimize the floor space.

Laundry area in the bathroom

Inter IKEA Systems BV When there is no room to dedicate an entire room to the laundry room, we install it in the bathroom! A space saving mission is therefore essential. The idea: laundry baskets that slide into the storage module and a place for the washing machine that does not obstruct passage.

A body of water

Kvik The centerpiece of this sober and minimalist laundry room: the washbasin cabinet with drawers which offers numerous storage possibilities and allows delicate clothes to be cleaned by hand.

A discreet laundry room

Inter IKEA Systems BV This laundry room hides in a corner of the bathroom to optimize space and be easily accessible. Her decor secret? A colored curtain to separate each of the spaces and not to distort the atmosphere of the bathroom.

Hidden in a closet

Mobalpa When not in use for storing linen, cupboards can be of great service to us! Demonstration with this laundry room built into a closet.

Extra large

Elfa Although spacious, this laundry room takes up the space-saving and practical layout: the washing machine is surmounted by a tray, a basket on casters slides easily under it, shelves, a drying rack and the household appliances have taken over the high wall to free the floor.

Compact laundry room

Leroy Merlin Another example of a laundry area installed in the bathroom. Here, the washer and dryer have been stacked on top of each other. Storage shelves frame the two devices to facilitate the chore of dirty laundry.

Drawers below

Birex The secret of this laundry room integrated into the bathroom: sunken furniture to organize and store dirty laundry and washing products near the washing machine. Simple and efficient !

Reduced space

Inter IKEA Systems BV Hooks, a bar for the tea towels and a horizontal rack affixed against the wall of a piece of furniture: this is how to create a dressing space when space runs out!

Practical and decorative

Mobalpa Beautiful picture proof that the laundry room can be functional AND nicely furnished. In the program ? Dapper storage drawers and a worktop for ironing in peace.

Storage shelves

William Soroma The solution for a tidy laundry room: a multitude of shelving, preferably near the machines, to keep fabric softener, detergent, stain remover and other detergents as close as possible, and a clothes rail to temporarily accommodate ironed clothes waiting for 'be put away.

An immaculate laundry room

Inter IKEA Systems BV White just white… this is the decorative solution found to give an atmosphere of purity to the laundry room.

Raised machines

Birex To get through the chore of washing and drying clothes in a good mood and gaining comfort when filling and emptying the laundry, simply raise the machines. The proof in pictures!

A natural laundry room

Inter IKEA Systems BV Sublimated by wicker and fabric baskets for storing dirty products and clothes, this laundry room has a nice plant style. The good idea: the ironing board fixed to the wall!

An adapted work plan

Inter IKEA Systems BV How to replace the legendary ironing board? Simply by opting for a table chosen in a suitable material or by betting on a large board of medium.

In black and white

Kvik This laundry room has a nice graphic style in black and white. The good idea: the numerous storage cupboards above and below for more functionality.


Birex Here, the washing machine discreetly hides in a custom cupboard. An idea to save space to remember!

Space optimization

Leroy Merlin Keep in mind: the multifunctional layout of this utility room, which has three shelves in which metal racks have been placed that hold the laundry products, high storage boxes held by a rod and others easily below. displaceable.

Seaside spirit

Inter IKEA Systems BV Magnified by woven wicker baskets that serve as storage for products designed for laundry, this laundry room has a nice seaside style. Where to mix aesthetics and practicality!