Radiators have style

Radiators have style

** The function of a radiator is to heat our interior. Often not very decorative, the radiator had almost never changed since its creation. Today, many designers have decided to revisit the radiator so that it becomes a harmonious or even trendy element. The radiators are now stylish! Whether standing or wall mounted, the radiators become real design objects that we invite you to discover through these 10 creations. **

In harmony

123 Radiator Is your interior sparkling and colorful? Here is a radiator that could seduce you. Available in different colors, it is easy to maintain and goes perfectly with the decor of your home.

Wave and design

Leroy Merlin The Curval radiator proposed by Leroy Merlin is a decorative jewel. It will find its place in a contemporary interior and even bring a touch of both design and trend.

A touch of modernity

Habitat This radiator offered by Habitat is as elegant as it is modern. It will find its place in all the rooms of your house. Its color adapts to your desires.


K8 Radiatori You are not mistaken! This decorative object is a radiator. In addition to warming your interior, it decorates it with simplicity and sophistication. A success !


Atylia And if your frames had another function… Thanks to the Atylia brand, your radiator decorates your interior by dressing in paint, photos or illustrations of all kinds.

Warm and woody

123 Radiator Do you like the warmth and authenticity of wood? You will love this model of radiator which imitates wood and which goes perfectly with your furniture.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror!

Alpina The Alpina brand has decided to innovate and offers a range of mirror effect radiators. An idea of ​​genius which allows the radiator to diffuse light while harmonizing with your interior decoration.

Design tube

Studio Dell'Acqua Fixed to the floor, this Studio Dell'Acqua radiator is almost a work of art. It will go perfectly with the contemporary decor of your home or business premises.


Valera Design This radiator model offered by the Valera Design brand is as surprising as it is original. Standing, it is easy to maintain and brings a lot of originality to your home.