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Ferme Elhorga: a charming stopover on the Basque Coast

Ferme Elhorga: a charming stopover on the Basque Coast

Located a stone's throw from Biarritz, far from any outrageous urbanization, the Elhorga farm is one of its jewels of Basque architecture where the coexistence between the old and the modern gives this authentic traditional farm from the 17th century that energy characterizes it: a constant search for simplicity and elegance which underlines a desire to get to the point. We invite you to discover this exceptional place in pictures.

A place of relaxation

Juen Photographies Enjoying a breathtaking view of the mountains of the Basque Country, this sculptural farmhouse was designed to live both indoors and outdoors. On the garden side, the space revolves around a beautiful terrace made up of a heated swimming pool where guests can dive with delight, and a jacuzzi under a shaded pergola, where they will have fun relaxing.

Between tradition and modern comfort

Juen Photographies In the living room, salvaged furniture and diverted objects set the tone. Against a background of soft shades, with a certain elegance, mixes of yesteryear and designer furniture are mixed to stage a serene decor that calms the mind and brings it back to basics.

Flea market spirit

Juen Photographies Dedicated to a real flea market, antiques and mixtures of genres, Julie, the current owner of the premises has completely revisited the decoration, in the service of a harmony studied with accuracy, inside and out. outside.

An idyllic setting

Juen Photographies Inexhaustible sources of inspiration for travelers in search of exotic flavors, the five rooms invite well-being and soothing. Light wood, refined furniture, sober colors and mottled furniture reinforce this impression of serenity.

One key word: white!

Juen Photographies With a few biases, such as the choice of neutral tones such as whitewashed walls for an old-time charm effect or the choice of certain pieces of furniture, echoing natural elements and original materials or objects, each of the pieces restores the Basque charm in a slightly contemporary spirit.

A room with a strong character!

Juen Photographies Cozy and contemporary atmosphere in the Selarua room which gives pride of place to noble, raw materials and reinterprets the codes of life on the farm. The omnipresent beams and stones of yesteryear help create an atmosphere like no other where luxury meets the traditional Basque spirit.

A design that goes forward

Juen Photographies Like the huge bathtub located in the Elhorga suite, the farm aims to be a modern, sober and functional space. Also, the sophisticated furniture and equipment are not to be outdone: electric bed, heated swimming pool or jacuzzi help to create a comfortable atmosphere.

A family house-style living room in the countryside

Juen Photographies The spirit of this exceptional place is reflected in the decoration and the rigorous quality of the selected materials. With its soothing and warm tones, its chic and classic furniture and its many decorative objects that cross generations, this living room elegantly combines country spirit and modernity.

Chic and classic

Juen Photographies Nothing was left to chance in the kitchens. Fully equipped, they restore the charm of old family homes in a contemporary spirit. Patinated table, retro clock or furniture with simple and refined forms highlight this enchanting decor.