Glass in the bathroom

Glass in the bathroom

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In the bathroom, the trend is towards transparency. Also, glass takes on a whole new dimension in this room. Glass sink, oversized shower screens and storage accessories are sure to show off in your bathroom.

Glass to close the bathroom

Aquarine ### Since the trend is towards bathrooms open to the bedroom, we put on a sliding glass wall that will close the bathroom space for more privacy without completely closing the space.

A bathroom open to the outside

Azur Lign ### To bring the light into the bathroom, we put on a very large window. And to protect yourself from prying eyes, bet on vegetation.

A transparent bathtub

Grandform ### The bathtub also plays with glass by opting for this material in one of the parts of its volume. We can thus observe the actions of the water jets in this very designer spa bath.

Glass shower cubicle

Leroy Merlin ### To combine practicality and comfort, we put on a shower enclosure with glass walls. You can then use the shower without feeling trapped.

A glass basin

Cedam ### Glass basins are very trendy in the bathroom. They land directly on the furniture and seem to float on it.

A designer bathtub

Condor ### To bring a design touch to this sleek bathtub, we added a glass frame to have a ledge to put your beauty products on. And the result is very aesthetic.

Glass bricks

Monsieur Bricolage ### To create partitions that let in light, we put on the glass brick. Very easy to install, it creates a unique style in the bathroom.

Bottles for decoration

Paragraph ### To refine the decor of the bathroom, we put on a multitude of bottles to store your cottons and other accessories like candy boxes. Ideal for a girl's bathroom.

Glass shelves

Cedam ### Finally, to make the shelves of practical storage disappear, prefer glass so that the look no longer distinguishes them.