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The new trendy colors by Dulux Valentine

The new trendy colors by Dulux Valentine

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The Colors of the World range from Dulux Valentine offers to combine colors without making mistakes. Indeed, the brand offers destinations around which color harmonies are articulated with four shades in gradation (pastel, clear, medium and intense) and an Expression color which highlights and reveals the gradient. All you have to do is choose your destination from Australia, Bali, Panama, Long Island, Caribbean, Nepal, Tuscany or Kenya.

Panama Expression

Dulux Valentine ### To emphasize the tones of yellow, we put on Panama Expression: a pretty gray / taupe which will not fail to highlight the four shades of yellow.

Nepal colors

Dulux Valentine ### Inspired by the mountains of Nepal, the four colors of this collection consist of pastel beige, light beige, medium beige and an intense taupe. They then give a very mineral and soft atmosphere to your interior.

Nepal Expression

Dulux Valentine ### And to highlight the fairly neutral tones of the Nepal colors, we highlight some elements of the decor with the Nepal Expression paint, a dark and deep purple that will energize your decor.

Caribbean colors

Dulux Valentine ### To give your interior a holiday feel, choose the Caribbean colors which are inspired by the very clear blues of the sea. To bring out the different shades, Caribbean Expression, a tangy green will recall the lush vegetation.

Colors Australia

Dulux Valentine ### To evoke the heat and the sun of Australia, the range of colors inspired by this country uses mineral shades to associate with orange to wake up the whole. Warm decoration guaranteed.

Long Island Colors

Dulux Valentine ### The colors of Long Island are sure to remind you of the seaside with very light gray colors and more intense gray. To bring a touch of color, Long Island Expression is adorned with a very decorative deep blue.

Colors kenya

Dulux Valentine ### To transform your interior into a safari in Kenya, choose shades of beige with a hint of orange and brown. The atmosphere is very warm and it is enhanced by an intense and powerful red for the note of expression.

Bali Colors

Dulux Valentine ### With the colors of Bali, your interior will be adorned with enveloping colors like the sunset. We start from a very light pastel pink to finish with an intense purple. To sublimate everything, the expression pink brings a dynamic touch.

Tuscan colors

Dulux Valentine ### In Tuscany, the sun is soft and warm and results in soft orange colors that will be sublimated with a fairly mineral taupe gray.


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