10 ideas to decorate walls with frames

10 ideas to decorate walls with frames

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To decorate your walls, the frames are real allies. And be aware that there are several ways to hang your paintings to give a decorative style to your interior. To help you choose, here are 10 very decorative hanging ideas.

A painting on a fireplace

Paragraph To make your table the decorative card of your interior, it is not always necessary to hang it. Do you have a decorative fireplace? Just put your big board on it.

A table on a piece of furniture

Fly Likewise, you can also place a table on a piece of furniture such as a low sideboard to give it a new dimension. The advantage: you dress the walls without drilling them!

Frames on shelves

Ikea To install a multitude of small frames on your wall, opt for a shelf that will support a few paintings and add one or two larger models that you will attach directly to the wall to create a beautiful set.

Patchwork frames

Ikea Why not create a kind of work of art by pasting several frames of different sizes which form an original and very decorative whole. For this, consider opting for frames in harmony.

An art gallery style

Ikea To stage beautiful photos, you can use the techniques of art galleries by placing the frames on a border (or failing that, a small shelf). Then place several photos side by side to play the accumulation.

Triptych-style frames

Fly To give style to your walls, choose the number 3! By placing three tables side by side, you take up the idea of ​​the triptych, whose reputation is well established.

Vertically aligned frames

Castorama To change the horizontal alignment of the frames a bit, you can also bet on one or two frames that you will place vertically. It is ideal for adding height to a wall.

A panoramic picture

Purpose With a panoramic table, you will be able to define a space. Place your frame at the head of the bed to show off your bed in style.

Frames on a whole wall

Fly To stage an entire wall, you can also choose to have a multitude of small format frames. Then choose frames of the same size but in different colors and place them symmetrically.