Pierre Favresse in 10 creations

Pierre Favresse in 10 creations

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Originally from Saint-Nazaire, Pierre Favresse is a winner of the Talent Developer competition and obtained the New Designer Award. Pierre Favresse is now artistic director of Habitat. Take a look at the always exciting projects of this graduate of the Boulle school and the ENSAD.

Jean clock

Felipe Ribon Time is both powerful and fragile. Pierre Favresse pushed the metaphor by imagining "Jean" for Super-ette, a clock like a time bubble - and made of mouth-blown glass.


Cinna Produced by Cinna, the Pharo lamp designed by Pierre Favresse makes theatrical lighting!

An Eclipse day

Pierre Favresse An Eclipse day stacks up the layers of cyan, magenta and yellow to create light. This project was selected for the 4th edition of the Design parade festival at Villa Noailles.

Rocking chair Perch

Benjamin Le Du The Perch collection includes a chair, a desk with integrated lamp, a table and this beautiful rocking chair. Edited by Specimen, we love the harmony of shapes and colors.

Pearl lamp

Pierre Favresse Collaboration between Pierre Favresse and Emmanuelle Dupont, between Specimen and Triode Gallery, the Pearl lamp combines purity of form and preciousness of embroidery.

Coffee castle

Pierre Favresse Another project selected for the 4th edition of the Design parade festival at Villa Noailles, the Coffee Castle is thinking of giving a new dimension to the use of this household appliance that we use every day: the coffee machine.


La Chance The editions La Chance launched a challenge to Pierre Favresse: how to make something massive light? The answer is in this Magnum table: a fine metal matrix that links marble - or wooden - legs to a wooden tray.


Habitat In 2013, Pierre Favresse imagined for Habitat, and this with Elipson, bluetooth speakers with elegant hexagonal design.

Thierry Marx Collection

Habitat For the 50th anniversary of Habitat, Pierre Favresse has created, with Michelin-starred chef Thierry Marx, a collection of kitchen utensils.