The so British chic of the Marks & Spencer Christmas collection

The so British chic of the Marks & Spencer Christmas collection

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Prepare for the holiday season with the eagerly awaited Christmas decorations from Marks & Spencer. This season, three major themes are highlighted: traditional objects - obviously, the pop and pastel trend but also the gold and copper spirit, also very much represented at the moment in interior decoration. The whole can be discovered in the shop or on the website. Small overview with our 10 favorites!

Full of surprises

Marks & Spencer What would Christmas be without its famous crackers? Typical of the British tradition, they often contain little words, riddles or party accessories. In France, we know the papillotes which contain rather delicacies. From 19 euros each - soon in store

We go green

Marks and Spencer What better way to decorate your Christmas tree than this little green fir tree to hang on its branches with a ribbon. All in glass and beautifully painted, it will complete the traditional garland and ball kit. 4.95 euros


Marks & Spencer To welcome Santa Claus, leave him his traditional snack as usual but also add here and there on the tree metal balls filled with cookies. If he still has a little bite, he will only have to help himself. 7.50 euros - soon in store

R as stunning!

Marks & Spencer Invest in glitter letters to hang on the Christmas tree. There are many colors and all the letters of the alphabet are represented. You thus create combinations on your tree to write words related to the holiday. 0.95 euros

All cute

Marks & Spencer This small decorative Christmas tassel with its shiny effect foam and sequined finishes, adorned with sequins, will go perfectly with garlands in white and silver tones. Perfect as an alternative to simple balls! 2.95 euros

Like little sugared almonds

Marks & Spencer With three shades of pink, these onion-shaped Christmas balls will gently dress your tree. A decoration in the trend of velvety tones, not very aggressive, for a party under the sign of delicacy. 5.95 euros the set of 12

Cookies like no other

Marks & Spencer This cookie cutter in the shape of a deer, all in copper, will allow you to prepare very original cupcakes. You easily cut your cookie dough, shortbread or cookies during a pastry workshop with your children for example. 3.95 euros

Fire atmosphere

Marks & Spencer Place on your table this tealight holder in the shape of a seated deer. Your decor will be all the more extravagant and always in the metallic trend with this copper color which warms the atmosphere all the more. 99.95 euros

Revisited usage

Marks & Spencer Finally, we review our classics with this sparkling Christmas wreath made of metallic pine cones. A way to perpetuate the tradition by bringing it a touch of modernity. 24.95 euros


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