A haven of peace in Marseille: Endoume's guest rooms

A haven of peace in Marseille: Endoume's guest rooms

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Direction Marseille between the Old Port and Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde to visit Endoume's guest rooms. This cozy little nest in the south of France is tucked away from the bustle of the city and has retained an undeniable charm. Guided tour… .

A unique decor style

Rooms of Endoume Several styles dominate in the decoration. The universe is above all eclectic. The 70s are mixed with Scandinavian furniture and paintings as well as contemporary creations.

A green patio

Rooms of Endoume Formerly the shed, the garden is now completely uncovered. Pink dominates and recalls Moroccan patios. Pleasant with the pool of water that refreshes the atmosphere in summer, it is a good place to live for breakfast.

The Elsa suite room

Rooms of Endoume The rooms are all decorated in different ways. Here, the light shades are awakened by paintings by artists from different universes.

The Elsa room

Rooms of Endoume The room is decorated in a cozy spirit. Quiet, located at the end of my house, it also opens onto the patio. Its decoration offers a beautiful alchemy between contemporary and Art Deco.

Romantic room

Chambres d'Endoume This gray and fuchsia pink room is spacious and has a romantic decor. It is equipped with a shower and a bathtub as well as a library area.

Composition of the Marseille guard

Chambers of Endoume ### Wink of decoration The Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde basilica is a symbol that is found throughout the house. Sculpture, railings, curtains are the image of this emblematic church of the city.

The bathrooms

Rooms of Endoume The bathrooms are all decorated in the same spirit. Light shades rub shoulders with natural materials.