Heated blenders, the ultimate weapon against the cold

Heated blenders, the ultimate weapon against the cold

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Ally for your winter evenings, the heated bender is the essential accessory when temperatures are close to zero degrees. Ultra practical, it mixes all your food and allows you to create delicious soups and extra cream… But not only that! At Chez, we have put together a selection of ten of these magic robots. What fight the cold with electric blades!

Moulinex Soup & Co LM9001B1 heating blender

Moulinex This robot with a family capacity (1.8L) cooks and mixes delicious homemade soups on its own, thanks to its automatic programming. Your soups and soups are ready in 25 minutes without supervision and you can also make all the liquid preparations of a classic blender (cocktails, milkshake, pancake pasta, crushed ice). From 177.85 euros

The HR2201 / 80 heating blender from Philips

Philips 20 minutes flat! You prepare your soups in no time thanks to a powerful engine. You mix both hot and cold and its additional manual function ensures perfect results. Little extra: a cookbook is included to discover new soups and new preparation ideas. From 79 euros

The Soup'Master 18356-56 heating blender by Russel Hobbs

Russel Hobbs The master of soups at home! In addition to its four adjustable temperatures and three mixing speeds, we are totally fan of its programming capacity which allows preparation up to 24 hours in advance! So you can go home in the evening with the soup ready without having to touch it all day. Smart! From 99 euros

The Morphy Richards Soup Maker Heater Blender

Morphy Richards Make soups, milkshakes, smoothies or cocktails effortlessly with this electric soup tureen. Also serving as a blender, its capacity of 1 liter will allow you to concoct delicious mixtures for several guests or even to delight children. 75 euros

H Koenig's MXC22 heating blender

H Koenig Practical and clever, this appliance combines a mixer and a cooker. Its power of 900W and its graduated blender with a capacity of 1.7L make the MXC22 an essential food processor. Its six functions will give you precision during your various preparations and its ergonomic handle will allow you an excellent grip. From 59.61 euros

The Simeo PC 282 heating blender

Simeo We love this Simeo blender which will allow us to cook, mix, reheat, filter and mash the ice! Its particularity is its 4 cooking programs to make a large number of recipes: grilled soups, velvety soups, steam or keeping warm. This easy and quick to use blender is the assurance of a healthier diet every day. From 67.85 euros

The DOM 324 heating blender from Domoclip

Domoclip With its 1.7 liter capacity, this product goes from blender to blender, steamer or slow cooker thanks to its control panel provided with sensitive buttons with LCD display. Thanks to it, you can easily make your fruit or vegetable juices, your soups or soups as well as your smoothies and milkshakes! Practical, it also has a pulse function and a timer. From 69.30 euros

The Cuisinart SB2E heating blender

Cuisinart Always on the same principle, this black and stainless steel robot with a capacity of 1.75 liters gives you the possibility of quickly making all kinds of preparations. With these four different powers you choose the texture of your soups and your soups. A real breeze! From 119.23 euros

Techwood TBLC-156 heated blender

Techwood With its six preprogrammed functions, this robot lets you create any recipe. Making soups, more or less creamy, crushed ice, smoothies, steaming, cooking eggs, this device even allows you to simmer or boil food. 69.99 euros