10 small dining rooms to discover

10 small dining rooms to discover

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It is not because you lack space that you should deprive yourself of a dining room. So to help you settle in for meals, we present 10 small dining rooms that are not lacking in style!

A liftable table in the living room

Aim Similarly to transform the living room into a dining room, you can opt for a liftable table which will then be a lounge table for the aperitif and a dinner table for the meal. A real tip.

A table in the kitchen

Ikea Note that your dining room can also be installed in the kitchen. Be sure to try to delimit the spaces, for example by placing the table against a wall.

A dinner table service

Fly Do not hesitate to play the 2 in 1 card with your furniture. For example, you can use this trolley for storage and as a worktop for the kitchen and transform it when the time comes into a bar for dinner.

A dinner bar

Alinéa In this studio, the kitchenette offers a bar which will allow you to sit down for dinner using high stools.

A high table in the kitchen

Fly In the kitchen, you can also add a high table which will allow you to benefit from an additional work plan but also to sit down for meals.

Extendable table

Fly Similarly, we can also choose a small table that we will place in the kitchen to play the worktops. The trick: choose an extendable model to transform it into a dining table.

A table in the living room

Ikea Here, the living room is large enough to accommodate two spaces. Result, we delimit the living room from the dining room using a small storage unit which makes everything very practical.

A dining room in a small room

Ikea To install your dining room, you don't need a large reception room. Simply set up your table in the center of the room, making sure you can still move around.

An office transformed into a dining room

Alinéa Finally, do not hesitate to give two functions to a piece of furniture as is the case with this desk which can then be transformed into a dining table in the evening.